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The Cries of Ignorance and Time Provincialism

The last time White people attacked the genocidal intensions of anti-Whites was in the 1950s when that program was backed by the full hatred of the North for the South, during that decade all attention could be diverted from intelligent criticism of their racial program by screaming about ignorant rednecks. photo mix_zps258f2cb0.jpg

Southern turncoats were attracted by giving them the image of being educated Northerners.

A standard anti-white tactic was to point out briefly that most of the world was colored. But we pro-whites were the ones who really saw this. Anti-whites treated race as if it were altogether a matter of one black going to a white school.

We were not allowed to ask where this “solution to the race problem” would lead. Those who scream ignorant and Klansmen are harking back to a time when this worked, because the public in the 50s were totally provincial.

We asked where all this total “lack of prejudice” would lead. No one would listen. Everyone cheered for a policy of total white self-hatred. The country club whites hated the working class whites, Northerners hated the South, and that was all the anti-whites pushed.

I have talked about temporal provincialism a hundred times, but, as usual, it got almost no notice in comments. So the shouts of “ignorance” and so forth are not noticed as time provincialism, responses from the 1950s which today’s anti-whites thought had silenced all criticism of white genocide.