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Replying to “The Point Was…” someone moaned in a standard comment, “How did the other side get such power?”

Genseric delighted and astonished me by remembering the exact point I had made on this many times:

They had the BALLS to do what Reagan’s people didn’t when they won. That’s all.

Once again, “Chicken Bob”: photo reagan-bush-cello-5_zpsf9db9fc3.jpg

“I [Robert Walker Whitaker] wanted to do what every other administration in history did: get our people into the permanent civil service, so when we went out of office we would still have lots of contacts.

“I was forbidden to do that. I was forbidden to give anybody on our side information or contacts for getting into those thousands of positions that regularly opened up! I could have put in hundreds who had vet pref alone.”

Judging by the routine astonishment witnessed here when our team wins a battle, I think Bob’s fear of history repeating itself is deeply rooted in reality and justified.

Thank you, Genseric.

Someone else made the Reagan excuse that these people stayed on in Washington anyway.

They did NOT. Bush got rid of all the Reagan political appointees within a year. Like other turncoats, Bush was a pro.