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The Paycheck Conservative Line

William Rusher was publisher of National Review and he did the Foreword to my first book. Not only did he refuse to accept any payment for it, but he gave me a lifetime subscription to National Review. So I get the full respectable conservative treatment every two weeks.

And National Review has followed the course I predicted for it almost forty years ago in the book, and before the book.
I stated in that book the routine political forces that make NR an integral part of the ongoing system, and it was not Jews meeting by candlelight in the capitol at 3 am.  photo newright_zps8198ccde.jpg

Once again, as liberals lost absolute control of al them media all the time, they chose their token conservative spokesmen.

If anyone doubts how solidly liberal the media were, he should have been in Washington right after the 1980 election. A lot of conservatives like Buckley and Buchanan, who then called for open borders, had been token conservatives for a long time.

But in 1980, my strategy worked big time and an entirely new set of people had taken over the Republican Party and won the presidency and the Senate for the first time in a quarter of a century.

And the national press didn’t know any of us!

I went through this phase when Reagan was elected. My picture was on the front page of the New York Times, I did editorials on National Public Radio and was on NPR discussions.

That stopped when they found other Reaganites who didn’t put them on the spot.

And most readers will miss the point here:
A country’s national media were totally ignorant of the people who had just won power!

“Professional journalists,” my ass!