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The Paycheck Conservative Line II

It is not a conspiracy, but routine politics, which determine how the system operates. As I pointed out repeatedly an entrenched establishment like the media will select spokesmen for the other side with whom they are comfortable.

As time passed after the shock of all those complete strangers to the media taking power in 1980, conservative media who got air time and became respectable and got paychecks became part of the system.

Conservatives who got paychecks quickly learned how to pay for the prized media favoritism. photo mccain_zps57fcf1db.jpg

One of the dumbest of popular expressions is, “There are two sides to every question.”

I personally don’t remember a single issue, personal or political, that ever had only two sides.

This stunning piece of nonsense was useful as paycheck conservatives got respectability by letting media editorials say, “By now even archconservative columnist George agrees that…”

Soon an aspiring paycheck conservative would agree with liberals on some issue. Liberals quickly learned to say “BOTH sides now agree that…”

John McCain made a full time job out of agreeing that he had been wrong in opposing the media. They then stopped any pretence of subtlety and simply banned any reference to an issue which “both sides” had agreed on. On issue after issue they lavished praise on him as he denounced own side.

When the love affair with Obama hit, the media abandoned McCain just as abruptly as he had denounced his supporters.

No one outside of BUGS is going to realize simple rules of REAL power like this. You don’t get a huge paying membership by giving unexciting real world lessons like this about real world power.