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Bugs Radio

Here is another podcast made by bugsers for bugsers. Lord Nelson, Mrs Albion, Linux Lewis and Beefcake.

Bugs Radio – February Podcast



The Fate of the Anti-Whites

Like most “bigots,” I am very used to talking straight with blacks.

Let’s be straight: What are blacks interested in?

“Show me the money.”

My method of perpetual, repeat, PERPETUAL punishment of anti-whites is to get trillions out of the estates or the living remainder of them.
 photo TheHolocaustIndustry_zps45329b91.jpg
This is PERPETUAL because a small percentage of punishment money will go to informants who, like Holocaust professionals, will bring up forgotten (or overblown) instances of long past anti-white action.

While this hunt is underway, forever, any new racial treason will be, to put it mildly, discouraged.

One thing I know from long experience is how hard it is to make accurate predictions.

Before Obama even went to the Senate, while Hillary was unchallenged front runner for the Democratic nomination in 2008, I stated repeatedly that the Clintons and their kind — Bill was referred to as a “white black man” — were soon going to trip over the reality that blacks would want a BLACK black man.

The MSNBC types are already worrying about the simple fact that minorities very soon won’t need white traitors.

As I have — again — pointed out repeatedly and almost uncommented on — when whites stop trying to be majority the whole game changes. Given the likelihood of getting hard money from today’s’ money bags, how many minorities are going to forego such gains to protect today’s rich white traitors?