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BBG had a prize comment, but I didn’t see it at the time. He referred to posting the Mantra as a “raid.”

I don’t think anyone else even commented on it, and that is what worries me.

“Raid” is a prize!  photo raid_zpsb2c0bc5b.jpg

While other pro-whites treasure long treatises, the one thing I can offer you is how to think and think about the truth until you have reduced it to the level of Occam’s Razor.

Raid is a perfect term. It exactly expresses what we are doing. We are not allowed on the field of combat so we hit them when and where they least expect it.

Today I saw an old coat with the message, “Treasure Diversity.” I just pointed at it and said, in my clearest voice, “White Genocide.”

The pro-white anti-mantra group would say that won’t convert them. But they also don’t claim they could convert the old traitors. But society will be converted if this novel phrase is repeated. I plant doubts and phrases in traitors’ heads.

I understand why they always think I’m a conspiracy. I introduced them and walked away. Traitors that age are hopeless, but when they hear those words again, they will think I am part of tens of thousands to whom this unknown phrase is familiar, and they will hear it again.

When they do, I will be Legion.

Now, go out and RAID!

We must raid others’ territory because we are allowed none of our own, neither for our opinions nor for our race.