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Adelhiem Versus the Paycheck Anti-Whites: The First Half Hour Blow By Blow

At Adelhiem is debating a professional anti-racist. He asked me to critique it.

Before listening to a word, I said, and still mean:
“I will do it. But first let me congratulate you on having the courage to do it. With all the tens of thousands at Stormfront, I was the only one who would do the Fox network interviews here.”

Bob: I will look at it, but the point is that you DID it!
I am deeply impressed.
And no, I will not be less impressed when I look at it.
We need warriors with your courage. Technique can be learned, moral courage cannot.

Adelhiem: It is an hour and twenty minutes long. I simply can’t listen that long at a stretch, so I cut it down to fifteen minutes segments.
The first fifteen minutes, Adelheim is on top. The professional anti-racist is reduced to actually arguing that Europe is not becoming brown, which point would be racist if Adelheim made it. But Adelheim is doing fine at that point, even if he is not aggressive enough.

After listening to that fifteen minutes, I wrote:
 photo europe_zps86a854ea.jpg

Listening is hard for me. I have listened to fifteen minutes so far. You are EXCELLENT!
Your poor opponent is trying desperately to say Europe is staying white.
Please note this: This is the first time I have ever heard any pro-white stay right on genocide for fifteen straight minutes. As with me, the other guy is left rolling on and on; the only thing he has said so far is contradicted by his own side.
But it is your DISCIPLINE that leaves him rolling around aimlessly.
Good job, soldier.

I have now reached half an hour. The anti-white is making the usual point that nobody can define race, and Adelheim DID come back with the fact that the whole premise of anti-racism is based on identifying whites and non-whites.

Now at half an hour, I detect some natural flagging in Adelheim. Because he wants to be nice, Adelheim appears to be trying to introduce variation.

Bad move!

I will listen more and comment more.