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This goes with the piece called “Quotability.”

The reason my brothers and sisters can use the computer is because I went to each of their houses, spent the night, and taught them.

All of them are, believe it or not, older than I am.

Every one of them had good friends who were past masters of computers, pros.

But not one of them knew a computer man who could EXPLAIN THE BASICS.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the big difference between BUGS and other pro-whites.

It sounds like a very simple difference.   The Occidental Quarterly asks, “Have I written the correct factual information?”   BUGS asks, “Did they GET it?”

The Reagan, or Kemp-Roth, tax cut brought in a vast increase in tax revenues.    But Kemp did not get the concept until he had lunch  with the economist Laffer about 1970.   All of us economists  who were not hopeless Marxists  knew the concept.

The Kennedy tax cut of 1963 had caused a huge increase in Federal revenues while it made enormous sums for the taxpayers.   Kennedy got rid of the thirty-year-old 91 percent tax on incomes over $300,000, which had hardly collected a dime.

Everybody had learned to get round it except a few prize fighters.

Kennedy cut taxes across the board, the recession ended and tax revenues skyrocketed.

Everybody knew it.   But nobody SAW it.

By the time Johnson took office, he had a huge increase in revenues to work with, caused directly by his predecessor’s across the board tax cut.

Everybody knew that, but nobody knew that.

It had been done, but it had not been explained.

Until Laffer explained it to Congressman Kemp in that restaurant with the Laffer Curve.   There were two decades between the Kennedy tax cuts and the Reagan tax cuts.   Selective tax cuts had been tried — by a liberal, in public — and had worked like a miracle.   But, like the Mantra, until that Magic Lunch, nobody GOT it. photo arthur-laffer_zps8ef574e3.jpg

Fifteen years passed between the Magic Lunch and the Reagan tax cuts.

Twenty years all told.

All America had to do was develop the atomic bomb, because by 1945 the skies over Japan were clear enough to send a single B-29 over the island.

But since then, the development of The Bomb Has been Step One.   Step two is all-important.   Step two is Delivery.

This is why having the truth, as The Occidental Observer has, will not do the job alone.

No matter how much truth they have stored up, TOO will not succeed without learning  delivery.

Explanation is delivery, and that is the indispensible job of BUGS.