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“Pushing Toothpaste Back Into the Tube”

 When I first heard that expression I LOVED it.   It is such a perfect description of how anti-whites act when we pull the Mantra on them.

In all previous times, all they had to do was remind you were a Southerner or  ignorant, or Catholic.   All the Fashionable Opinions put you down and ignored you.   For respectable conservatives or Southerners who longed for Northern approval — who turned out to the out most provincial of all — that was enough.
 photo toothpaste_zps9c78c375.jpg
But now we don’t seem to care.  In fact, the weapon that used to work perfectly is truly alien to today’s thought.  The good old awe of a PhD died from the onset of Google.

So the toothpaste of racial survival, which used to have a solid cap on it driven in by the New York Times, the networks, The Tide of History, is out.

It’s like Pandora’s box.

Those who shout “ignorant” sound hollow, because the ruling superstition towards the New York Times and Mommy Professor has simply sunk away.

The Magic Words that worked so perfectly when I was coming up are shouted reflexively now as they were then.   But they are out of date and have no traction.

“Ignorant,” the word they once conjured with, obviously has no relevance in the Google Age.

Ignorant of WHAT?

Ignorant of Fashionable Opinion.

It used to work like magic.

Now the toothpaste is out of the tube and the cap is gone forever.