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The Message of Our White Genocide Petition


Jason and others ask me what is the next step after the Mantra.

As any general would tell the troops, what is all important is that you fight the present fight.

Meanwhile, as I keep repeating, all this “esoteric” stuff I write here is directly aimed at how you should continue after breakthroughs.   Until you realize that, you cannot really think about strategy.

For example, we just got the Mantra onto national TV.

We got only 400 signatures to the White House White Genocide Petition.

You can do the usual thing and wail about how that shows no one but you is serious. photo samizdat_zpsf43bb75b.jpg

Or you can stop sobbing and note that I have said over and over and over “We Are Samizdat.”

I worked with samizdat.    We have my article in Pravda to prove it.

But nobody here has gotten the slightest hint from articles saying “We Are Samizdat.”

Everyone her knows that tens of thousands have signed up on Stormfront.   David Duke’s name has gotten MILLIONS of hits.

Why, then, only less than four hundred on the petition?

Anybody who has even heard the term samizdat should know that.

Our bravest BUGSERS are stopped when their comments require email confirmation.

The Petitions require that you register your email with the White House.

I was hoping to God I wouldn’t be the only one to notice this.

Once again, my prayers were not answered.

Simply mentioning the above discrepancy would have popped into someone’s head who read my repeated references to samizdat, IF that person were capable of strategy-level thinking in real power politics.

Learn to READ, learn to THINK.

That is where strategic thinking comes from.