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Did Samizdat Succeed?

I HATE the fact that I have to bring this up. A major point of my article on the White Genocide Petition was to say for the hundredth time that we are samizdat.

Not a thing in the comments about samizdat.

Samizdat was anonymous. Samizdat fully accomplished what it set out to do. photo yeltsin_zps6ac04716.jpg

Samizdat had an impossible aim, to bring down the Soviet Empire. It was done.

The fact that the Soviet Union was brought down is one of the most ignored giant events of history. Everybody knows more about Hitler’s moustache than they do about the whole collapse of that Superpower after seventy years.

Obviously there is a lesson here. Even more it is a lesson no one wants.

Those who made samizdat are more forgotten than those who really founded America and caused the end of British rule. Those who took over opposed independence and any talk of it.

I have said this dozens of times: there are those who do things and there are those who collect credit.

I think we can destroy the genocide system anonymously. We can save our race anonymously.

But whoever replaces the present system cannot just be samizdat.

History shows us that Samizdat WILL save our race.

If we spent less time debating how cowardly Americans are not to sign the petitions, and calling them cowards, while hiding behind code names, we might realize the truth I exposed.

You can overturn the system anonymously. But whoever leads has to go public, like the Old Man here.

Samizdat has not an ounce of power in the former Empire.

The media when they have to mention the former Empire talk only about Russia. That would be the normal Comment response, to talk about what the media would talk about. I am just heading it off.

BUGSERS must learn to stop thinking in the standard groove.