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Some Comments on the Latest Comments

Coaches are either effective or nice.  I want to be effective.

Someone was wondering why MSNBC had the White Petition on if the signatures were demonstrably so few.

Sigh.  At least twenty times I have repeated how I got my picture on the front page of the New York Times.   God knows, maybe you thought I was bragging.

Twenty times I have repeated the lesson:  Make it QUOTABLE if you want it quoted.

I think the best way to keep something Top Secret is for me to say it here.

I pointed out as a former House Staffer that the operatives in SC lobbies must have been either totally incompetent or made complete fools of their dues-payers.    How could a competent lobbying group not know the carrying in bars provision would be knocked off the bill in the Senate?
 photo canada_zps15b459b1.jpg
So as not to name anyone, I cited the NRA.   All you talked about was the NRA, which has next to no lobbying concentration at the SC state level, so I wouldn’t have to look at the whole situation and name anybody locally.

So you talked about the NRA.

Yes, they ought to pay me to put secrets here so nobody would get them.

Speaking of Top Secret, I have pointed out repeatedly that I got that rating repeatedly.   I got a Hill jobs after discussing the threat to the white race in my 1976 mainline book.   When Paul Fromm got caught returning to Canada with my last book on him, they kept it two months and declared it legal.

It repeats the Mantra a dozen times.   The BNP has pointed out that that mantra repeating book is legal there.

I just read a set of comments about my article on samizdat and going public.   Not one person said, “Say, Ole Bob with his Top Secret clearance and his known connections to everybody in the pro-white movement of his time and his mainline publisher books and his championing the white race books…

“Hey, you think Ole Bob, while he was bragging on his picture in the Times, do you think he might ALSO know something about going public?”