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White House Petitioner(s), Take a Bow

I believe it was Humphrey Dumpty who got the White House Petition rolling. You can correct me in comments.

I did formulate a petition to Russia. But I have no interest in current politics, so I had no idea about this White House petition business.

I cannot overstate the importance of those who did the White House petition. photo wh_zps4381b180.jpg

Those who use comments to tell us how awful present politicians are right, but they usually miss the importance of the BUGS approach. MY approach.

I am one of the great real power brokers of our generation, and that fact is almost unknown.

Please note I said “and,” not “but.” Read the last sentence of the last paragraph. A major power broker can do it and get famous, but most of the people who do this, do it indirectly, as I did.

I have could have said “so,” but that would indicate being unknown is essential. I used one of three possible verbs.

Very, very few commenters would notice that. Most are waiting for me to mention some well-known example, something to talk about. But that sort of talk is available, and probably better put, at Dave’s sites.

This demonstrates why the White House Petition was exactly the kind of thing only one of our pros would do. He met with the usual reluctance to do something simple.

That took guts and patience. But, most of all, it took a thorough and careful understand of what our brand of power taking is about.

And, as usual, he was met with the discouragement I experienced all those years with the Mantra. This requires the kind of moral courage guts few appreciate more than I do.

So whoever I should be thanking, stand and take your bow. A few among us are the only ones who will fully appreciate what you did, but those are the few who are right now changing the world.