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A Birthday Present for Coach

Today, I am 72 years old.   And there is a birthday present you can give me all year.

If you have the guts to post the Mantra, you get complaints about how rude you are.  A lot of people will sob that they were discussing some singer on a YouTube and these Mean People threw in the Mantra, completely off their subject. photo happyb_zpsd4b0de85.jpg

Well, gang, if that makes you the least bit uncomfortable, do it for Old Coach.    For almost  seventy years I have sat down in movies and watched TV and read novels for entertainment,  and a huge percentage of what should have been fun time turned out to be preachment at me about how great intermarriage was or how evil whites were or anything else that was fashionable with Mommy Professor at the moment.

It was called A Social Message and it ruined thousands of hours for me.

In fact, there is a huge difference between those Social Messages imposed on us and your putting the Mantra on sites.   We are banned and threatened if we put our own message into public discussion.   Outside America you are imprisoned for it.   That gives us not only the right, but the duty, to put it in every spot we can get away with.

Yesterday’s and today’s Social Message imposed on us was not just uncensored and unbanned.   All my life thousands to millions of people have been paid and promoted for repeating their usual propaganda everywhere.

The best Mantra placement offends the hell out of them.   You are hitting the same people who let anti-whites get away with throwing in their slogans absolutely anywhere.

If you don’t owe it to me, you owe it to all those who have been persecuted with insults and vicious intrusion all our lives.   It is BETTER when you can offend them and get revenge for us.

Sic the bastards!

That will be my birthday present whenever you do it.

You don’t need to wrap it, just DO it.