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BUGS is a Lab Course

I thought one of our best BUGSERS was engaging in blatant tailgating. He was explaining how he had answered somebody who called him an extremist.
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But reading what he said, I saw he was doing what we should do: Instead of denying the charge, he used it to make his own point. Tailgating means letting yourself be thrown off track by anti-whites labels and charges.

But what our BUGS commenter did was point out that allowing us free speech is the best way of AVOIDING an extremist result. I used this point back when I was respectable and was being interviewed about my 1982 book, The New Right Papers.

And I got that many years before from the anti-whites. One of their standard arguments was that the world is mostly colored, so if we wanted to counter Communism we had to integrate.

One of the articles in the New Right Papers was “Lid on a Boiling Pot,” which pointed out specifically how ignoring working class whites could lead to extremism.

Membership organizations cannot use this warning because any criticism of Hitler, for example, will cause some soreheads to stop joining or contributing.

And pro-whites who are pure theorists won’t develop concepts like this which work out in the real world. There is no substitute for getting out there and seeing for yourself what actually works.

Social science is all lecture because any test of its theories always discredits them.

BUGS develops by your insights being tested out in the field.

BUGS is a lab course.