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Making News and Making History

Membership organizations need to hook their fund and sign up drives on the latest news event. They have to prove that the Great Black-eyed Pea Shortage that is in all the papers was directly caused by the Conspiracy.
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When our Populist Forum scheduled marches and press conferences, our main concern was what was NOT in the news.
Membership outfits in DC like the Heritage Foundation go with the headlines. That is when we MADE news for news-starved reporters.

We rode on the silences. This is an indication of the difference in how BUGS should view the world. You raise money by reading the latest news. We gain attention at this stage by making news they can use.

Slow news days are big problems for the press. A coming cause has to produce interesting stuff for that period. That is why New Dawn is such a continuing story. That is why a White House Petition with four hundred signatures can make national.

The last time I did this, we got attention for the coalition with the hated “Wallace Democrats” and coat and tie conservatives that elected Reagan. Nothing in the news ever did a bigger job. It was effective because we MADE it news.

Not one Soviet expert had anything to do with the collapse of Soviet Empire. We and our slow news days approach were absolutely indispensable to it.

And now, back to the news…….