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How Things Work, AGAIN, Part 1

A few commenters have recently repeated some of the more important points I have made twenty or more times here.
You are catching on a lot faster than the Names in any movement ever did.

This is not an insult. What I am most proud of is the moral courage and Patience I have had over the years in going on when absolutely nobody around me could get the most obvious points. In 1968, Wallace and Nixon had a landslide between them, and this is half the story if you had seen the polls before election day.

Nixon immediately appointed a pro-busing Head of the Education Department and disclaimed all appeals to what they called “Wallace” voters, National Review of course leading the charge.
 photo wallace_zps4d24cc50.jpg
Then came Watergate, and finally and suddenly Bill Rusher, NR’s publisher who had been in the lead denouncing any association with dirty old working people, met with me.

We are not talking about the few years that even our oldest BUGSERS have been here. I fought for this obvious coalition year after year after year. But every single Name in the Conservative Movement was on the other side.

Rusher came in too late, after Watergate. But we did get Reagan the nomination in 1980. Read the Name in History in the Reagan election of 1980, and every single one you see was part of the solid bloc of Names who had opposed appealing to “Wallace voters.”

Suddenly, after the 1980 election, they became the “Reagan Democrats” and everybody had always been all for them.

If you read history or fund raisers, you have no idea how things actually work.