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We Are Developing a Pro Team

In his reply to “How You Go Wrong With Mini-Mantras,”

Asgardian 117 has done what I dream of your doing, digging into the real meaning of my article and bringing out implications in a way that makes me a little jealous but ecstatic.

“I have noticed what Bob has said, I’ve actually encountered it. They have a VERY difficult time with the whole mantra, but what they do is break it down and answer every sentence, even though their answers are sometimes silly and nonsensical it gives normal white people the idea that the anti white is actually debunking the mantra even though they are not for the masses that are asses perception is everything, we cannot afford that perception when we are trying to alert/awaken normal white people who do not know how to articulate what’s going on without using a racial slur and getting buried with that nasty HATEWORD.”

That last phrase gave me an insight.

It reminded me that some of our major accomplishments seem so obvious in retrospect what we don’t even notice them.

I keep mentioning that all my stuff is legal even in the most Thought Police countries. photo rockne_zps704cb9a9.

My stuff is also far, far less likely to get you in trouble as you go more and more public.
The article was about the hazards of mini-Mantras, it certainly was not attacking those who use them in the field.

time for freedom gently reminded Old Coach of the experience that goes into mini-Mantras out in the field:
“But the kind of Mini Mantras that are listed in the Bugs Swarm are for the most part excellent to use because they keep the context that White people are forced to tolerate conditions which bring about our racial destruction, that is, genocide…White Genocide. Moreover, they always do an excellent job of demonstrating the inherent hypocrisy and contradictions of the multicultural state as they are applied to White people and ONLY White people.”

I think if we stick to the Mini Mantras that are listed here, we should do ok. Of course however, whenever I post to a web message board I always lead off with the Main Mantra because that is of course the best one…period.”

Like any dedicated coach, I do a lot of warning. You CAN easily screw up with a mini-Mantra, and it is easy to let get your eyes off the ball.

But when Knut Rockne invented the Forward Pass, the players had to develop it out on the field.