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Inviting Some People Out

As I pointed out, pro-white membership organizations have to restrict any argument that criticizes Nazis.

If readers would consider that in a Mantra fashion, it would explain a lot more of the world to them. Leftist outfits have to restrict any criticism of Communists in exactly the same fashion. That is why all media evil always came from Nazis or some made-up outfit like SPECTRE.

I doubt one single reader took out time to think that out. I have spent many years thinking out what I explain to you. Some goofs think it is “esoteric” or cryptic, but that is because it represents a kind of THOUGHT, and they, after Mommy Professor, are not used to anything worth thinking about.

Dave did point out that anti-whites justify genocide in exactly the same way Nazis did. That is true and answers the follow-up of the discourse on white evil that half of the anti-whites spew out when they first answer the Mantra.


Do not tailgate. Do not get into an argument about what the Nazis were precisely. Only a pro can use the word without getting locked into an argument on history. photo unwelcome_zps5978ce5e.jpg

You are GOING to do that. Catch yourself after you have destroyed your whole Mantra argument by letting them get you off it a few times.

Another thing I have said over and over to the point where some commenters have actually noticed it that I not only do not go out of my way to keep those who would quit if I did, or did NOT, criticize the Third Reich, I try to get them out ASAP.

The same thing is true of people who will leave because of something we say about abortion or about religion. Through the decades most of the groups I have been in were destroyed by such people.

None of our arguments or opinions are official, with the sole exception of fighting white genocide.

That reality has to be internalized. You’re in the big leagues now, and tantrums are not allowed.

If you have anything except white genocide that will make you take your toys and go home, we not only do not try to keep you, we DEMAND that you go now.