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Compromising Principle Must Also Be Done Professionally

A hundred or so BUGSERS have already had more effect on the political scene than any hundred thousand life-long pro-whites. That is because we can stay right on target, tell the “take my toys and go home” — TMTGH crowd, to shove it and get out and do this for accomplishment rather than entertainment.

As time passes, a lot of you will make a profession out of this. Getting paid means membership organizations or fitting in, which we now scorn.

So it is stupid to scorn membership organizations. photo guns2_zps45c219c7.jpg

What is important is not that you become Less Principled. The critical point is that you view this in real world terms. You must sacrifice some things you can do when you don’t need money in order to be a professional.

In the course of actually helping to bring down the entire Soviet Empire, I had to write a lot of stuff that, had I not realized it had to be done, would have given me the willies.

The old Communist Fronts continue on on both sides. That’s not because Communism works, but because Fronts work. Among most of the people I worked with in Washington in the big leagues, each had his own fund-raising organization that allowed him to be financially secure when he was appointed or removed.
I remember talking to the guy who ran a Gunowners’ Lobby and walked around with a pistol-shaped tie pin. He said up front he didn’t know a thing about guns. He did know about lobbying, which is what they paid him for.

So membership organizations have to have different standards.

The critical point I need to make here is that, when you have to make those balances, you are coldly, fully aware you are making them.

When you go in for membership and money, you go into competition with pros. David Duke and Don Black are true believers, but they also have to make sure their outfit survives in a Darwinian world. So what would offend an amateur in political power is just part of the real world to me.