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Strategy Versus Tactics


It has occurred to me that the one fundamental difference between membership organizations and BUGS is that they have to be devoted to tactics, whereas we concentrate on strategy.  That makes us pretty uppity towards the flakey masses in membership organizations.

To a certain extent, we earn our uppity attitude.   We get no reward for this, so we should be proud of what we do.

On the other hand we must understand why membership organizations HAVE to cater to flakes.   If Dave or Don don’t keep them entertained, other outfits will be glad to take them off their hands, with their checks.

This leads to some differences that are so extreme they are almost comical.   The membership outfit is not going to do something miraculous like being pro-white and having a hundred and fifty  thousand people sign up for it as Stormfront has done unless it does a terrific job of holding in everybody from religious lunatics to libertarians.

We, on the other hand, demand to get rid of anyone who can take offence at something else and take his toys and go home (TTGH).   I offer you over fifty years of organizing experience, and this kind of person has destroyed hundreds of otherwise healthy groups.

We chop the TTGH off the way a old combat surgeon would go after a limb with gangrene in it.

TTGH IS gangrene. photo cat_zpsad3a3591.jpg

In the Darwinian world of membership organizations, you can’t do that.

In the membership groups, the Leader must keep up his image.  I don’t.

I wrote an article saying that you never use “You are justifying genocide.”   That was my frustration from one debate.  David or Don or Paul Fromm cannot afford overstatements.   I truly do not give a damn what it makes me look like if I fix “You are justifying genocide” in your mind.

The point is not Bob, the point is to add “You are justifying genocide” to the regular, endlessly repeated list of things that are clearly driving anti-whites up the wall.