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Sunday Meanderings for My Day of Rest

            My Sunday Meanderings

Definitions from the Martian Dictionary:

“Fascists call all disagreement Communist.   Communists call all disagreement Nazi.

“Oriental – noun – a member of one of the non-green races.”

“Female — A pleasantly lumpy human.”

“Dictatorship — noun — “one man, one vote,” where the man is specified.

“Hard vacuum — noun — The softest thing in the universe.

Rush Hour — A time and place where nobody rushes.

“Democracy — A society where the people think they rule. photo franklin_zpse909e686.jpg

“Franks — A people who had a lot of Gaul.

“Objectivity — The opinion of the one guy in the room who has a gun.

“Truth — See “Objectivity.”

“Defeat — A noun for losers, a verb for winners.

“Jewish — Something a little bit red is called reddish, something just a bit blue is bluish.   So calling an Orthodox Rabbi “Jewish” is really strange.

“Religion — Either Ultimate Truth or the world’s largest and oldest protection racket.

“Englishman — A German trying to be a Frenchman.

“Prophetic — Ben Franklin said that the proper symbol for America was the turkey, and he died when the Federal Government was only a year old.”