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 photo tk1_zps9f288b97.jpgI said In the SECOND STAGE it was the real anti-Communists who opposed me most, just as you see pro-whites opposing us most actively in OUR second stage.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! As the second stage passes and the mainline anti-whites become aware that the Silence no longer works, we will get full force, false articles written and reported under our names and the Full Treatment.

At that stage Ted Kennedy met with Gorbachev to save the Soviet Empire and a giant Nuclear Freeze Movement, including the last Superman movie, was thrown up to stop SDI or Star wars.

It is just that the second Mantra phase is following the same path, where it is those openly on one’s side who TALK about and attack us more.



Mantra — Second Stage

One of our working pages members was scared off by somebody following his Internet comments up by screaming Nazi and using swastikas.

I would imagine this is the same TTGH who has been conducting a monologue to my Skype in which he interprets everything you and I say here as part of a plot against him.

He then said we obviously wanted a war with him and we could say goodbye to our working page.

I didn’t expect anybody to fall for it.

Hadding and the other anti-mantra pro-whites and our own TTGHs are the usual sign that a second stage has been reached in one of my years-long campaigns to get past the bureaucrats and talk to the ground troops about how to actually win.

It would take many pages to explain how hard it was for me to get hard propaganda advice to samizdat around the Ivy-League bureaucracy that ran CIA and other Intelligence agencies. Try to figure it out for yourselves.

That is the reason I have repeatedly pointed out that Reagan had to bypass his hundreds of generals and call newly promoted Lt. Col Ollie North into the White House to do his Contra operations.

The first stage is always long and hopeless. That’s the period in which I try for a long time to get someone to understand what the POINT is and how to state it.

As the second stage approaches, some people begin to see the power of what I am doing.

Here is where a bit of irony comes in. It is the people on MY side who see what I am doing being more effective than what they are doing. They have sent years becoming Names, but they have not had the slightest impact out in the real world. photo block_zpscc16b7e7.jpg

It was the stronger anti-Communists in the CIA who went all out to block me from the advising the samizdats.

The open anti-whites are still hopelessly clinging to the all-powerful Silence to stop me in the second stage.

This is routine.

To repeat, it is at this stage that those who have never had any real effect on my side begin to realize that something is happening, while the regular Ivy League CIA types are still telling each other how this red-neck nonsense can be ignored.

Historians are still ignoring it.

As I have told you repeatedly, it is the TTGHs who have to be dumped.

The only reason I presume to lecture you is because I have down this road before.



Of Course “Racist” is Now a Hate Word!

The most routine things in our history, in our Traditional Values, is that the Christians who preached Love and Brotherhood and were persecuted were burning heretics alive when they took power.

Protestants took power in the name of True Love and Brotherhood and some Papists were dangling from the gallows.

The French Revolution took over in the name of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. They promptly adopted the Guillotine and began the Terror.

Communism killed at least sixty million people in the name of Love, Brotherhood, and Equality.

We all learned all that in grade school. photo chalkboard_zpsa26708f3. jpg

Yet not one single person on our side has pointed out that it is not a surprise that Love and Brotherhood in the name anti-racism has become a terror campaign. As with the Mantra, the most obvious truth that any literate person would have foreseen gets a universal “DUHHH!” from pro-whites.

OF COURSE racist is nothing but a hate word now. As soon as the Christian Institution took over Rome, “heathen” became a death sentence shouted by sadists.

Please absorb this simple reality. Please do not make comments on Martin Luther’s big toe.

Please try to see why pro-whites have been stagnant for two generations.

Racist is a hate word.



Good News From Sweden

A round of congratulations are in order for our Scandinavian BUGSers, as your tireless efforts have swung the debate and put us on the attack.

Enjoy this victory and continue to give ’em hell!



BS Can Be Treason

For the benefit of new-comers, let me carefully explain what BUGS work is.

I have seen too many people comment about some world-beating argument they made. This is not Mantra work. Making up your own stuff has plenty of sites where people impress each other. Those arguments don’t show up outside those groups, out in the real world. photo target_zpsdacb0786.jpg

BUGS work is very specific. It is about white genocide.

We have a very limited interest in anything, and whatever it is has to come from being on the Internet and carrying the message repeatedly.

It took many years to formulate the Mantra, to get it well on its way to becoming a household word.

If you say something, we are not interested in anything but the REACTION to it. Please don’t recite your novel brilliance. When we have the other side trapped with the Mantra. Your oratory is just what THEY want.

They can use you to get off exact Mantra points and argue with you, their savior.