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What Just Happened to BUGS? That’s NOT the Point (Stalwarts, Please Read My Comment #41)

BUGS has had a crisis. As one comment pointed out, you are getting expertise and experience from me free that you definitely could not afford. Once again, you owe it to me to read what I am saying and not to buzz off into titillating facts about Names I mention the way you have been accustomed to do in membership organizations.

We actually have more fun in BUGS than membership orgs do, simply because we are so deadly serious here. High steel workers, people in combat, underage kids like me working on the old deadly brick plants all remember the humor that helped us survive.

That is what humor is for. You laugh to keep from despairing and to keep your underwear clean.

But you don’t listen to a serious warning or lesson and then talk about some name that triggers a memory or a joke. Here are the most critical words of all:

“We laugh and we joke but we don’t PLAY.”

This crisis will not be discussed in detail. As usual, what I will tell you is about crises. If experience counts, I have dealt with enough of these so this is almost routine, that is, if you take in the fact that I have had two nervous breakdowns and two heart attacks and I am on disability.

So listen.

Let me tell you about one of my crises.

I was back from Africa with a new wife and my way of life did not allow us to get a Belk’s credit card when they were mailing out active credit cards to everybody else. As an economist from one of the best economics departments in America, I went into aviation negotiations.

But my real purpose, as always, was power politics.

Obviously to me, what was needed was to combine what was then called “The Wallace Vote” with the conservative Republican vote. That combined vote in 1968 had been a landslide. That was on the record.

On Election Day 1980, the term “Wallace voters” instantly disappeared from all political dialogue, especially from the commentaries of who had used it most. On that November Day in November, 1980, they became “Reagan Democrats.” The strategy had given Reagan all but his opponent’s home state and, for the first time since 1955, a quarter century, the Republicans controlled a House of Congress.

Please, please do not let the commentary slide into “I remember what I was doing the day of that election.” This is BUGS, and we have some professional pride.

One thing that was forgotten was one of those crises, the one that almost destroyed me. I had just completed my first book, a demand, as the NR article said, from INSIDE the populist movement, the “Wallace Democrats,” for the coalition.

At that moment came The Whitaker Nazi Scare. All of a sudden people who had published my articles refused to speak to or tell me why. The only one of them who had the decency and the courage to talk to me said his hands were tied because word was round that I was member of the American Nazi Party.

Like most of these crises, in a society where anybody had any balls, this would have been funny.

The very idea that a career Federal employee, no matter what his personal politics, would be waltzing around with a Nazi membership card should have gotten guffaws from a retard. But not from professional conservatives, who are unbelievable cowards.

Every one of those Brave Leaders deserted me. After the crisis passed, not one of them apologized or told me who had slandered me.

The only thing that saved my career was that Bill Rusher needed me, he needed me badly. On Election Day, 1974, this grandson of an Indiana coalminer, who had spent his years living that down by posing as the most snobbish of conservative snobs, God rest his socialite soul, switched from hard opposition to the Wallace idea for a majority.

Bill NEEDED me desperately.

I was the only person on the right who had worked with those dirty old “Wallace voters.’ I had written FOR them and not just ABOUT them. I had gotten tens of thousands of working people marching the streets of Washington.

As soon as Rusher got behind me, the rumors vanished. I was back in and on my way to Capitol Hill.

But please note this: Not one of the Brave Names of the New Right would tell the name of anyone who had slandered me. Even the one who returned my calls said, “Let’s just forget it.”

How slimy, cowardly and treacherous can conservatives be, routinely?

Well, this was and is routine.

Let me regress for a moment to our own recent crisis. Discussion of a crisis always involves Mirrors and Masturbation. I am not going to even look, because it would make me sick, and I hope I am wrong, but I assume that somebody, using an assumed name, has given a lecture about how brave HE would have been and done it all right.

It’s like seeing someone masturbating in the mirror, it’s nauseating.

So when this incident occurred, I, Robert Walker Whitaker, talked to the SPLC writer and faced him down. Scared me too, because it brought up so many other things like this I had gone through.

Let me once again try to head off the almost miraculous ability of commenters to get off the subject.

This is a lecture in the midst of a seminar, which is a special thing. I do not want to hear who you blame or what you suspect. Read what I am writing.

Nor do I need apologies. I have repeatedly said that using pseudonyms under the present Terror is essential for most. The one catch is that if you use a pseudonym, you look ridiculous saying how wonderfully you would have handled being outed by the SPLC.

Writing this is a lot of work, and unpleasant work for me, so if I am a bit testy, please try to forgive.

But don’t you DARE blame or second think anyone but me. photo interro_zpsce98f589.png

I talked to the head writer for SPLC. They had spent a great effort to reach me. They even called an ex-wife of a divorce thirty years ago.

SPLC does not consist of Mantra Thinkers. I had been on their mailing list at this address for YEARS!

James Kelso is a gutsy pro. I was staying in a hotel room with Kelso when this kind of thing first hit him. Suddenly a major pro-white leader told him he was a mole and a traitor.

This came from the babblings of one of the people fighting for control of the National Alliance after Pierce’s death.

Kelso is NOT a Mirror Masturbator. Kelso will tell you very freely that I had to talk him down off the roof when his whole pro-white career suddenly seemed doomed.

I have been through a LOT of these, and Kelso will tell you that is VERY useful.

Now, for those who are still with me and haven’t drifted off into how Communists treat Christians or what they knew would happen, some lessons from this.

This is what may happen to me in the near future. There are two lessons in it. First, what might happen, and second the total Doublethink that is routine in the present Terror.

The interviewer began with the standard gambit. He said the Mantra was all over the place and it had been found in the home of a guy who committed murders and did I feel guilty.

I asked him, every time he started on this, whether he could guarantee that not one of the black on white murders occurring daily had been perpetrated by people who had heard some of HIS condemnation of whites.

He was honest enough to back down. I told him that was a sillyass gambit for a professional to take.

Here is the double think in what may be done to me. They spent fourteen million dollars to get David Duke in jail. I am nowhere near Dr. Duke’s league. So they would freely say that they were not after me because I was not important enough.

They called me to tell me how important I had been, but if you control the Silence, you can and will instantly say I never had any influence at all.

The fact that they led off the attack by talking about my influence will go right down in the Silence.

The interviewer then asked if I had ever been with the CIA. I said he knew I wouldn’t discuss that. He then said I had lied about my background.

A professional political speechwriter LIES about his background!


But I have mentioned here before that one way for them to get me is to find any Intelligence incidence where anyone got killed in and blame me for it. There is no statute of limitations on first degree murder, and the charge does not have to come within parsecs of the truth to ruin me financially.

The fact that they also say I never did any of that stuff will never come up.

They own the Silence.

This all sounds like Solzhenitsyn talking about Stalinism.

Wonder why?

I mentioned before an incident most readers probably forgot. These lessons have cost me plenty so I really resent it when they are trivialized by stream-of-thought comments

Please read all THIS at least twice before you comment. Then, if you really can’t contain it, you go head off into Membership babblings.

The example I gave was critical, it was about the Great Leftist Proponent of Freedom of Speech Alan Derschowitz.

He began a TV “debate” by telling his opponent that he had better put his house in his wife’s name before he said mean things about Dershowitz. Derschowitz is a practicing attorney and Harvard Law professor.

This is exactly like Mr. T telling a debate opponent that if he says anything T doesn’t like he’ll send him to the emergency room.

Only Mr. T has too much class for that.

I have to be financially ruined before I can get free legal advice. So God knows what kind of humiliating babble I may have to do if they come down on me.

So don’t give anybody who is actually in this situation any Mirror Masturbation.

BUT THE BIG POINT IS that I do not matter! They can’t handle the message so they are going after the messengers.




Please Offend Them!

If you have the guts to post the Mantra, you get complaints about rude you are. A lot of people will sob that they were discussing some singer on a YouTube and these Mean People threw in the Mantra, completely off their subject. photo Glad-Eugenics_zpse2b6605b.jpg

Well, gang, if that makes you the least bit uncomfortable, do it for Old Coach. For almost seventy years I have sat down in movies and watched TV and read novels for entertainment, and a huge percentage of what should have been fun time turned out to be preachment at me about how great intermarriage was or how evil whites were or anything else that was fashionable with Mommy Professor at the moment.

It was called A Social Message and it ruined thousands of hours for me.

In fact, there is a huge difference between those Social Messages imposed on us and your putting the Mantra on sites. We are banned and threatened if we put out own message into public discussion. Outside America you are imprisoned for it. That gives us not only the right, but the duty, to put it in every spot we can get away with.

Yesterday’s and today’s Social Message imposed on us was not just uncensored and unbanned. All my life thousands to millions of people have been paid and promoted for repeating their usual propaganda everywhere.

The best Mantra placement offends the hell out of them. You are hitting the same people who let anti-whites get away with throwing in their slogans absolutely anywhere.

If you don’t it for me, you owe it to all those who have been persecuted with insults and vicious intrusion their our lives. It is BETTER when you can offend them and get revenge for us.

Sic the bastards!



There is Nothing Here That is “Esoteric”

I have written a hundred times about how impossible it is to accurately predict the future.

This is what BUGSERS tend to call my “esoteric” writings, which deeply pisses me off. There is damned little esoteric writing here unless you don’t get the practical implications.

Once again no one has commented on this reality. From habits with membership organizations, you carry over the crap about “Victory is eminent” or “I am depressed.” On the other hand, the few who read and THINK have headed off those would have BUGS grab onto a specific program.

To get dues and members membership outfits have to stress that they have a solution. They also regularly assess “Where we are” in achieving our goals. I have written many, many fund-raising letters. These subjects are their staples.

These subjects are our doom.

I was able to say everything I have instructed you on saying in public. I did it during my career. You are not professional enough to get away with that. All of my writings are legal everywhere. From your comments, you couldn’t keep that up.

Not until you learn to get my point of view.

“Why did he say that?” is the subject you should explore.

Why would I keep saying the future can’t be predicted? It is part and parcel of what I know about. I keep repeating that Mussolini almost missed his own March on Rome. No one discusses WHY I repeated that.
 photo mussolini_zps1458373f.png
For the moment let me say once again that if you take a position on abortion or Covington or Hitler you limit your own arguments and your own freedom of movement. We have one position: We are forcing discussion of white genocide.

We have Catholics, fundamentalists, atheists and we really don’t care what you want to do about the economy.
From my experience, which is why I valuable to you, anyone who takes any other position seriously enough to leave BUGS for any opinion about anything except white genocide is not only free to leave. I have stated repeatedly that the Take My Toys and Go Home type has been one of the greatest causes of organizations destroying themselves.

It is MUCH safer to have a mole in your outfit than anyone who shows the slightest sign of the “Take my toys and go home” disease.

Now, don’t tell me of the Future. Your comments are welcome, but some of them should concern why I wrote this.



Retarded Europe

In the internet age it is essential that one at least be aware of the question: “Why is this information being produced?”

In my youth, the guy who won the argument was the one who had library access. He would quote a book, which was by an expert. A person who could get a book published, and therefore that, on that day and on that playground, was the final opinion.

It never occurred to the armies of the religious wars that there was any opinion but their Only True Faith.
On the other side, those who fought for Islam had exactly the same total monomania. They had seen the Books. They had heard the Wise Men.

What happened to people on both sides during the Crusades is an object lesson as to why you should ask, “Why was this information produced?”
 photo freespeech_zpse73a9b08.jpg
The same attitude on both sides caused all the religious wars and prosecutions in sixteenth and seventeenth century Europe, climaxed by the Thirty Year’s War during which the population of Germany dropped as much as it did after the Great Plague.

And what caused it all was simply unquestioned information.

The experience of the religious wars was to our Founding Fathers the essence of the lessons of history. That is the reason the first thing demanded was a guarantee of freedom of press and of the tiny press of their day which no one owned and controlled.

No other country on earth has our first amendment.

Least of all Europe, where the religious wars took place.



DUHH! Again

When I was on Capitol Hill, the Capitol Hill Police Force had about 1100 officers. This armed force protected about one hundred and sixty acres of territory.

Mayor Blumberg of New York has just given a hundred million dollars to fight for gun control. Needless to say, he has a large contingent of armed guards around him at all times.

Any member of the congress or the legislature who wants a gun permit can get one.

I remember when Alan Dershowitz, famous for defending Free Speech was on a talk show. His opponent said he was consistently on the side of the criminal. Dershowitz answered, “You had better put your house in your wife’s name before you say that.” He shut the other guy up with bullying him. Only rich people could afford to be sure he was not right. photo lawyers_zps03da7263.jpg

One in every hundred men, women and children in this country is a lawyer. Our society has what any earlier generations of Americans would have considered a state of at least semi-despotism.

National Review and other respectable conservatives are STILL asking why academia is leftist. I explained that in my 1976 book, which the NR review recommended. Under Marxism “intellectuals” rule the world. If you know that you can either understand why academia likes this idea or you are simply hopeless.

The more lawyers anything requires the more powerful those who have them become. Meanwhile, for the average person, a lawyer is a ruinous expense.

So the very rich favor more regulations. Those regulations are despotic to others, but they have lawyers and politicians at their beck and call. So the very rich are for more regulations, or at least they couldn’t care less about them.

Another interesting aspect of our society is that billionaires bully millionaires. For a millionaire today, when millions are merely upper middle class, the cost of regulations is devastating. They have to pay lawyers by the hour, instead of owning a few dozen like a billionaire does.

This is the sort of observation any intelligent person, much less any “pro,” does not need explained.

All this seems obvious to me, but respectable conservatives will never know it.