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Resounding Silence


I was listening to a talk between two Italian filmmakers in the 1990s.   One got a tiny, hard smile on his face and asked the other, “Are you getting any support for your film on Trotsky?”

It was a bitter inside joke.Image Hosted by

Until about 1990 everybody in the Italian film industry was a Communist.   To them the idea that Trotsky rather than Lenin was the Father of History was daily fare.   This is now covered by The Silence.

The fact that almost every European “intellectual” was a Communist would be horribly embarrassing to today’s establishment, which depends heavily on European Intellectuals to overcome Flyover Country Provincialism.

It was big news when Solzhenitsyn’s tales of the Gulag converted a huge proportion of even the French Intellectuals to the idea that the Soviet Union really DID have some oppression.

This is a critical job for The Silence.   For two generations almost every European Intellectual stated flatly that all reports of Stalin being a despot were lies.

What if people were to dwell on those generations?   Gunther’s Inside Russia was dedicated to the proposition that Stalin’s Purge Trials of the 1930s were genuine, fair trials!

The Silence is resounding.

Everything segregationists predicted and integrationists denied in the 1950s is now reality.

Almost every person accused of being a Communist by Senator McCarthy has been found in the KGB files.

I happened to look at White Genocide in Google.   Now that HD and I have spent endless effort bringing White Genocide out of The Silence, the reference list is huge and is growing daily.

Breach the Silence.


No conservative will breach The Silence.   That is the price of their respectability.



The Track of the Mantra


The good news, the wonderful news, is the kind of pure artistry that “This is Europa” is putting on the web:

I hadn’t seen this until today!    I understand This is Europa has ten earlier ones!

White Rabbit is presumably developing a next step after “AntiRacist Hitler,” which even the SPLC admitted was a smash hit.

The Swedish Government bitched on the Official Swedish Government Web Page that Swedish Mantra sites are getting a lot more attention than the Official Swedish Government Web Page gets.

HD worked like hell and in the face of endless discouragement to develop the White House Petitions against White Genocide.   He got not the least credit until it paid off, and it paid off big.

In New Zealand they are carrying our signs.    The media have already breathlessly announced that a Hideous Hate Crime, consisting of a swastika drawn in a mixed family’s trailer, was committed because The White Genocide Project had been in the area recently.

If I were more internet literate, this list would continue interminably.

But do you realize that this list would mean nothing to any pro-white gathering fifteen years ago?

One of the things you have learned here is WHAT TO LISTEN FOR.

Like a scout in the Old West, you can see the Track of the Mantra.

My report to you would mean nothing to those who are not Mantra Trackers like us.



My Hatred is for TRAITORS!

“Hate,” like “gay,” is no longer a word.  Those words have been appropriated by Political Correctness.

“Hatred” is more correct, anyway.

To my world view, the ravening hatred of Jews is puzzling.    In fact, rabid anti-Semitism puzzles me because, in today’s parlance, my outlook is so anti-Semitic it keeps me from being rabid about it.

I take it for granted that a person who calls himself a Jew will try to undermine every other identity.

Likewise, every kind of Wordist will try to destroy anything I am loyal to.

These are my  “Givens.”

To Political Correctness my routine “Givens” are so roaringly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and all the rest that what confuses attackers is that I am so calm about it.Image Hosted by

But if there is such a thing as a Traditional Western Value, it is my point of view.   Long before Christianity brought in sterility, starving oneself, whipping oneself and burning dissenters alive as post-pagan morality, songs were sung of men who died around their leader rather than surrender.

In our gut is still the concept that loyalty is the highest virtue, and treason, the greatest sin.

It is not just that Dante assigned the Tenth and worst part of Hell to Traitors, it is also that no one in his time QUESTIONED it.   Of all the sins you and I have heard denounced from the pulpit, sex, Intolerance, the death penalty, greed, perversion, treason is simply not one of them.

Yet when Dante RESERVED the worst eternal punishment for traitors, and only traitors, it was so deep a value that no one questioned it.

No, I am simply incapable of hating a Jew or a non-white the way I hate a white traitor.

That is in my blood.





Fifteen Years and WORTH It!

I was a very happy old bigot reading the discussion on my article on using the term “White Nationalism.”

I never wanted members or money. What I dreamed of back in 1998 was finding the message and getting the right people to discuss the right points. It never occurred to me we would have this level of success.

We are such a high level of expertise here that if would be impossible to explain it to someone who has not actually been in the fight with us.Image Hosted by

One of the points it is impossible for those not actively in our fight to understand is that it is a DISCUSSION, not a hammering of views into conformance with those of the Leader.

From time to time I make snide comments here that you would be expected to wilt under if it came from The Fearless Leader.

It works both ways. A recent article talked about a tactic that was immediately cut to pieces in the two lead comments. They were respectful, but they amounted to, “Don’t be an ass, Bob, that’s tailgating!”

And they were dead right.

When I start to stagger off into my own little world, You are now able to get me back in line. I used to be the only one doing that. Over a decade of hard work and trying to keep my temper in hand.

What we have now is a real seminar.

Let’s KEEP it that way.

We laugh and we joke but we don’t play.

In all the world, only we know just how serious what we are doing is.



White Nationalist or Pro-White?

I am not attacking the term “white nationalist” the way anti-Mantra pro-whites (AMPWs) attack the Mantra. If it describes your position, it is the term you are, in my opinion, welcome to use.

What I AM saying is that it is not the optimal germ for BUGS.

Someone in our seminar said that white nationalism is one of our subordinate themes.

This is the type of statement only a seminar, a real seminar, a group of pros who have outgrown any college education, could address.

The image of white nationalism is sort of Amish. Our racial survival will depend on a tiny community somewhere in the most inaccessible part of the cold northwest.
Image Hosted by

The image is tiny and recalls a string of two-trailer White Communities that have died out over the years.

One proposal I remember was for a real planned community, upper middle income, but it vanished without a trace or one brick laid on top of another.

A white community is also illegal.


O’Reilly stated, “There is no room for an all-white community anywhere in America.” Even if there were a success, it would be brought down with respectable conservatives leading the charge.

Secondly, I warn you constantly that people who build the future on the past are not only always wrong, they look ridiculous in just a decade or two.

MOST IMPORTANT, every time you use white nationalist is an instance where you do NOT use “pro-white.”

Anti-whites have long since made white nationalist a polite synonym for anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, for racist, for white supremacist. More important, the opposite of a white nationalist is simply a universalist.

The opposite of pro-white is anti-white, and that, ladies and jerks, is the reality.

White nationalism simply has no reality. That may be the form our racial survival takes.

But when, not if, people begin to pick their children’s genes we can have an enormous percentage of white children. Throughout history, societies that have already gone brown and down for good WORSHIP the Aryans of the previous age.

In my opinion, anti-whites are preparing to outlaw any racial preference in children just as they have outlawed white communities EVERYWHERE.

Keeping race selection acceptable means keeping White Genocide front and center. This is critical. We must keep the pressure on them not to be anti-white.

BOTTOM LINE: Anti-white and White Genocide are the two terms anti-whites have not been able to tame.

It is not accidental that the SPLC banned all argument from all of us but me from commenting on its article. It is even less debatable that they WELCOMED a LONG comment from a “white nationalist” who denounced the Mantra.

No one but me seems to have noticed this, but it doesn’t take a genius to know what it MEANS.

White Nationalist is OK with the anti-whites.

So why should WE use it?