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For Our Sake, Listen to the Silence!


This happened to me.

I passed my doctoral prelims at UVA, at which point many people on advice from the dean took a high level position away from the department to work and finish their dissertation for the PhD.

Every interview began like a dream. UVA was one of the top economics degrees in America and they were anxious to have me.

Then, nothing.

What had happened was that the man who got me to UVA in the first place and who was a reader on my dissertation, and who said he was a friend, had put words like these into the letters he sent out for, “Mr. Whitaker feels very strongly about the issue of race.”

NOBODY would have put those words into a recommendation for the most violently anti-white student. Fanatical anti-whitism, then as now, was assumed.

So he was saying I was a racist.

He didn’t KNOW that!

Years later a friend of mine heard him brag about how he had handled that issue and told me about it.

I was lucky to get a job cleaning blackboards.

 photo calvinists2_zps9d1061b1.jpgThen, as I have said before, a dean took over who had openly vowed for years to “clean out that nest of right wingers in the economics department.”

The only way I could have been protected, the only way any Racial Heretic can be protected, is for people to listen to the Silence.

This is NOT theoretical.

Conservatives NEVER go to bat for anyone who is not a Name. The only reason I survived The Nazi Scare was because Bill Rusher desperately needed me.

If you want anybody but uniformed storm troopers to represent Racial Heresy, you have to listen to the Silence!

Screw academic freedom. Out went two future Nobel Laureates in my field and my dissertation could not find a sponsor.

My concern for BoardAd is that the SPLC or some other group will list BUGS as Hate Group and some anonymous company robot will reject him automatically.




Experts Versus Reality — AGAIN

The SPLC guy asked me if I wrote speeches for President Reagan.

If you paid attention to what I keep saying, I was never on hand for historical events to which I was indispensable.

I almost laughed out loud. He was asking whether I, the Redneck Rogue who was hated so much the he could barely keep a job, was a Presidential Speech Writer!

But what is REALLY funny is total absence from reality of those who for two generations went after old Nazis and totally ignored the fact that one third of the world was a prison, WITH bars and machine guns and landmines and the warnings to the prisoners not to try to escape.

Did I write it? He doesn’t know a thing about the world. Unreality is his BUSINESS!

No, Redneck Bob was NOT a Presidential Speech writer!

Unreality, Step Two: Asking a person with a Presidential Speech Writer title whether he wrote something is EXACTLY like asking the Secretary of Defense whether he takes shorthand!

To be in touch with fashionable opinion, as a professional in politics today, is probably simply never noticing reality.

I just thought of a very good example.

One major reason I was so fanatical about those Communist murder lines, aka, borders, and professionals were not, is because they never SAW them.

They flew over them.

I went across the borders of the Democratic Republics, aka the Iron Curtain, in buses and on the ground.

I went in scared.

They went in as Names. If they were messed with, there would hell to pay. photo spacecadets_zps6f1cc110.png

By now you should be able to laugh with me: If I had disappeared, do you think anybody, from National Review to the SPLC, would have MENTIONED it!

They ignored a two-thousand-mile kill-on-sight border!

When he was in the Soviet Union, Edward Kennedy held an “informal chat” with small group of “typical Russians” for filming and showing to Mommy Professor types here. It all went great at first. These “typical” Russians all applauded at the right times. Only a paranoid might think they got signals from the translator were not “typical.”

Then Teddy blew it. This was not America, where the “typical Americans” would have been on his side. Among the usual Mommy Professor robots over here he would routinely ask for a show of hands and that would show he represented real people.

But he talked about the heavy spending on weapons by the USSR and the US. He asked if the Soviet Union spent too much on arms!

He wanted his “typical Russian audience” to raise their hands on whether or not they approved of SOVIET action!

He came as near to being lynched as a Big Name visiting the USSR ever has.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is the Problem I face in talking to you.

You think you are addressing arguments to Top Names and Professional Thinkers when what you are actually addressing is a group of retarded Space Cadets.



Our Position

White Rabbit sent me a link which shows a uniformed group of men in New Zealand carrying signs which are all perfect Mantra:

 photo newzealand_zpsa4a4ee2e.jpgYou can’t help but love some guys who know how to stick to the Mantra! But what about the uniforms?

Do we panic at the sight of guys waving our words with uniforms on?

The answer to that is that the United States did not hesitate to declare Stalin their ally and to divide the world with him afterwards.

In fact, today in a state of war people would be imprisoned for criticizing Comrade Stalin.

The whole question of one’s outspoken attitude to Nazis has been very touchy. It is exactly the same on the left with Communists but the decision has long since been made over there that only a fanatic would accuse Communists of anything. All the villains on national television throughout the Cold War were imaginary Evil Groups like SPECTRE or US Government renegades.

There is certainly no reason for us to insult outright fascists who are helping us. I agree with the modern Pat Buchanan’s opinion that the declaration of war by England and France on September 1, 1939 was the most purely disastrous event in a century full of disasters.

Post-white America will be at least an authoritarian state. All colored countries are. But no form of authoritarianism is the choice of pre-Mommy Professor white Americans.

We are surrounded by membership organizations. To gain their respectable title paycheck conservatives scream about Nazis and Buckley supported imprisoning history professors who disagreeing, not even with the Holocaust, but simply about the NUMBER of Jews killed.

What is our position?

The Mantra approach is often to stop talking and listen to the question very, very closely.

If you stop rattling along and listen to that question, it answers itself: What is OUR position?

There is no group, large or small, left or right, which has a clearer “our position.” Our whole strategy is defined by those two words, and ONLY by those two words.

We have only one position: that our race must survive.’ We are not Presbyterians or Gold Standard stalwarts or Modern or Reactionary. Our position on everything is that all ideologies are meaningless when our racial existence is threatened: “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”

We approve of people carrying our desperately needed message, in uniform or naked.

We will denounce Nazis if and when it is a good strategy for racial survival. If anti-whites drive people into the totalitarian camp to save our race, that is their doing.

We will denounce vegetarians if it is good for racial survival.

BUGS looks at all of them from Our Position.