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The “Partial” Problem, Please Read the Reply I have ADDED

We have gotten an incredible amount of public attention, given that our working membership is well under a hundred.

But the establishment is already finding a way to stop us.

They can’t deal with the Mantra. But they can deal with the Mantra one bite at a time.
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They are already dealing with White Genocide.

They are dealing with “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

If you look at the “answers” to the Mantra you will see that they recite it line by line and claim to answer each line.

It took me years to develop the Mantra. It will do pro-whites more good than any person or group has done them in history. But they can counter the really blasting effect by answering it one sentence at a time.

The same person who marvels at how the Mantra works and says how hard I worked on it sees no problem in chopping it up and handing it out in chewable bites. Genocide can be countered without the phrase “All white countries and ONLY white countries.”

With every set of comments I sit here while someone crows about his argument and how brave it was. For every one commenter who brings us back to the Mantra, there are five who say, “Excuse me if this is off-topic.”

We began by talking a viable substitute for the whole Mantra. The present consensus seems to be that you have solved that problem.

You haven’t.


You are, of course reading too much into this warning.

Antiracist is a codeword for anti-white has been USED and is GREAT as White Team Spirit says, though the = sign looks cute but drops the deadly accurate term “codeword.”

You have done terrific work this way getting in points.

My point is that, once engaged, many of you start preaching your own stuff. So many times when someone has gotten in there with a mini-Mantra punch he goes off to his own world.

It is an enormous temptation, I know. Just try to keep it in mind.