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Quick Note: My Second Reply to the SPLC Article
I was warned against self-styled Intellectuals when I read The Cry and the Covenant about age 12.
Dr. Ignac Semmelweis showeed that the reason obstetricians of his day were killing thousands of women and babies
was because they went from autopsy to the maternity ward wiithout washing their hands.
The medical Intellectuals ruined Semmelweis. In themid-ninteenth century they had all sorts of fancy explanations
for “childbed fever,” including psychological ones.
The idea that a big-time head doctor should wash his hands with carbolic acid insulted them, and they shouted out about how
Intellectual they were.
And the mothers and babies died.
I knew Communism was just plain silly when self-styled Intellectuals were all for it. An economy run entirely by a
group of self-styled Intellectuals is insane.
So now we have white genocide hiding between claims of Intellectualism.
To self-styled intellectuals that’s childish, like asking a major league medical professor in 1850 to wash his hands.
You talk to yourselves and tell yourselves how Intellectual you are.
Semmelweis and Occam say your Final Solution to the White Problem is evil.

NOTE: The last time I put in a comment, they closed the site, giving them time to pad the Comments (I’ve been bere before).

Within two minutes of my putting in this comment, they closed the site and put in a new one.