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Politically Factual


The Heritage Foundation fired a researcher Jason Richwine because of a paper he had written at Harvard University, that infamous center of Nazi Propaganda, which, among many other things, noted that the lower IQ of Hispanics is largely hereditary.

National Review fired John Derbyshire for an article he wrote that among other things pointed out that five of six blacks were less intelligent than the average white. photo politicallyfactual_zps76f202e8.jpg

A professor, Roger Lane, at a conference referred to himself as “The discredited professor from Emory.” He was the one who wrote such a grossly invented paper for gun control that his fellow mommy professors had to fire him despite his tenure.

It’s all a joke to him because he was immediately given high-paying jobs for his loyalty.

The researchers at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in England who falsified global warming information so grossly, as revealed in their email, that even The Silence couldn’t protect them, lost nothing. The Silence has descended on this incident.

You have heard of Political Correctness. Marxism declares everything is political. Until around 1980 someone who read Marxist correspondence was familiar the term. “Politically correct” in Marxist terms is precisely the same as “doctrinally correct” in other religions.

I doubt if there is a single literate person today who actually believes that all races are equal in inherited intelligence. What National Review and the Heritage Foundation and the Global Warming industry are upholding is what I call Politically Factual.

Politically Factual is information which cannot be challenged in exactly the same way that attitudes or terminology must be Politically Correct.

Politically Factual is an important term for BUGS. We deal in information everyone knows is true but which one can be fired for pointing out.