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Revolutionary Patience

At the first instant, “revolutionary patience” seems like the ultimate oxymoron.

The next instant the Mantra Mind realized, “So THAT is why so few revolutionaries succeed!”

The revolutionary cannot push history. History has to come to him.  photo revolution_zps7f9ee991.jpg

And history couldn’t care less how loud you are shouting.

One commenter said he was tired of waiting for white people to speak out.

After fifty-five years, I might be getting a tad restless myself.

So one of our pros explained to him, with an example, that we have no idea how things will go and when.

The example given was a future in which we choose our genes. If, in THAT future, any mention of race has become dynamite and Hitlerian, our race is doomed.

If we are still fighting for the right of racial survival, we only have to get far enough to allow racial survival to be an issue to save ourselves.

If the AMPW crowd is all that is left at that point, all their arguments about inferiority will mean nothing. They could not contest it if mixed race children were just the proper genes.

The fact is that white people are hated, not because we claim to be superior, but because everybody BELIEVES we are superior. Whites who hate people hate whites.

What in the end stirs up non-whites is the fact that they can never BE white.

We have no idea how and when our time will come. We have no idea whether it will be peaceful or violent.

So we are telling an uncompromising truth, one that doesn’t involve how macho or Intellectual it makes us FEEL.

And I, for one, am here to STAY.