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Comments are not Closed

Commenters were wondering why we always have “Comments closed” at the bottom of Comments.

I have no idea.

For fifteen years I have been absolute beggar for technology.

At the beginning my first tech told me that he had to build the whole page each time!

Things like “Comments Closed” are a legacy, God knows from which regime.
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For at least a decade people have told me we need a complete going-over and maybe someday they will get around to it.

To any of you who have been active in poltics, this will evoke a wry grin.

For every hour spent on political action, at least four are routinely spent “Planning a Project,” “Writing a Statement of Principles,” and all the rest. Most “political movements” begin and end with Planning.

Actual politics is boring and repetitive.

So we have under a hundred people at BUGS who actually DO anything. Meanwhile those who have never been in real action fantasize torchlight parades and campaign rallies where thousands await the Arrival of the Candidate.

I’ve scheduled a lot of Arrivals of the Candidate myself, and they are phonier than any stage play, 99.9% of the marchers in The Torchlight Parade never did a damned thing.

You never read the name of anybody on the pro-white side except Dr. Duke and the Blacks, father and son.

Those who shout loudest about Torchlight Parades are hiding under the tables while we fight it out.

Everybody is always Planning to Do Something.

Meanwhile our Working Page and a couple of voluntary techs is what we DO have.

And those, in real power politics, is an army.