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I Want a Word

Let me repeat the term Politically Factual.

We need a term for beliefs which one must support in order to keep his jobEverybody knows about these beliefs, but nobody points to them, just as nobody pointed to White Genocide.

I have begged you to try this or some other term in talk or elsewhere. photo voltaire_zpseb76c254.jpg

You are pros now.

I was also thinking about all those times when anti-whites praise Mexico or Brazil for being mixed-race.

Some kind of statement like, “Can you name a mixed-race country that people want to go TO?”

Five years ago, I was the fountain of all wisdom on such terms.

Now i am gleefully stealing your terms like a pickpocket: Swarm came from you, stalwarts came from you.

And Raid! came from you.

I can identify where a term would make all the difference, but then it’s in your court.

BUGS is a real seminar now.