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Fifteen Years and WORTH It!

I was a very happy old bigot reading the discussion on my article on using the term “White Nationalism.”

I never wanted members or money. What I dreamed of back in 1998 was finding the message and getting the right people to discuss the right points. It never occurred to me we would have this level of success.

We are such a high level of expertise here that if would be impossible to explain it to someone who has not actually been in the fight with us.Image Hosted by

One of the points it is impossible for those not actively in our fight to understand is that it is a DISCUSSION, not a hammering of views into conformance with those of the Leader.

From time to time I make snide comments here that you would be expected to wilt under if it came from The Fearless Leader.

It works both ways. A recent article talked about a tactic that was immediately cut to pieces in the two lead comments. They were respectful, but they amounted to, “Don’t be an ass, Bob, that’s tailgating!”

And they were dead right.

When I start to stagger off into my own little world, You are now able to get me back in line. I used to be the only one doing that. Over a decade of hard work and trying to keep my temper in hand.

What we have now is a real seminar.

Let’s KEEP it that way.

We laugh and we joke but we don’t play.

In all the world, only we know just how serious what we are doing is.