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The Track of the Mantra


The good news, the wonderful news, is the kind of pure artistry that “This is Europa” is putting on the web:

I hadn’t seen this until today!    I understand This is Europa has ten earlier ones!

White Rabbit is presumably developing a next step after “AntiRacist Hitler,” which even the SPLC admitted was a smash hit.

The Swedish Government bitched on the Official Swedish Government Web Page that Swedish Mantra sites are getting a lot more attention than the Official Swedish Government Web Page gets.

HD worked like hell and in the face of endless discouragement to develop the White House Petitions against White Genocide.   He got not the least credit until it paid off, and it paid off big.

In New Zealand they are carrying our signs.    The media have already breathlessly announced that a Hideous Hate Crime, consisting of a swastika drawn in a mixed family’s trailer, was committed because The White Genocide Project had been in the area recently.

If I were more internet literate, this list would continue interminably.

But do you realize that this list would mean nothing to any pro-white gathering fifteen years ago?

One of the things you have learned here is WHAT TO LISTEN FOR.

Like a scout in the Old West, you can see the Track of the Mantra.

My report to you would mean nothing to those who are not Mantra Trackers like us.