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Resounding Silence


I was listening to a talk between two Italian filmmakers in the 1990s.   One got a tiny, hard smile on his face and asked the other, “Are you getting any support for your film on Trotsky?”

It was a bitter inside joke.Image Hosted by

Until about 1990 everybody in the Italian film industry was a Communist.   To them the idea that Trotsky rather than Lenin was the Father of History was daily fare.   This is now covered by The Silence.

The fact that almost every European “intellectual” was a Communist would be horribly embarrassing to today’s establishment, which depends heavily on European Intellectuals to overcome Flyover Country Provincialism.

It was big news when Solzhenitsyn’s tales of the Gulag converted a huge proportion of even the French Intellectuals to the idea that the Soviet Union really DID have some oppression.

This is a critical job for The Silence.   For two generations almost every European Intellectual stated flatly that all reports of Stalin being a despot were lies.

What if people were to dwell on those generations?   Gunther’s Inside Russia was dedicated to the proposition that Stalin’s Purge Trials of the 1930s were genuine, fair trials!

The Silence is resounding.

Everything segregationists predicted and integrationists denied in the 1950s is now reality.

Almost every person accused of being a Communist by Senator McCarthy has been found in the KGB files.

I happened to look at White Genocide in Google.   Now that HD and I have spent endless effort bringing White Genocide out of The Silence, the reference list is huge and is growing daily.

Breach the Silence.


No conservative will breach The Silence.   That is the price of their respectability.