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I Want a Word

Let me repeat the term Politically Factual.

We need a term for beliefs which one must support in order to keep his jobEverybody knows about these beliefs, but nobody points to them, just as nobody pointed to White Genocide.

I have begged you to try this or some other term in talk or elsewhere. photo voltaire_zpseb76c254.jpg

You are pros now.

I was also thinking about all those times when anti-whites praise Mexico or Brazil for being mixed-race.

Some kind of statement like, “Can you name a mixed-race country that people want to go TO?”

Five years ago, I was the fountain of all wisdom on such terms.

Now i am gleefully stealing your terms like a pickpocket: Swarm came from you, stalwarts came from you.

And Raid! came from you.

I can identify where a term would make all the difference, but then it’s in your court.

BUGS is a real seminar now.



Comments are not Closed

Commenters were wondering why we always have “Comments closed” at the bottom of Comments.

I have no idea.

For fifteen years I have been absolute beggar for technology.

At the beginning my first tech told me that he had to build the whole page each time!

Things like “Comments Closed” are a legacy, God knows from which regime.
 photo commentsclosed_zps7e21d53e.jpg
For at least a decade people have told me we need a complete going-over and maybe someday they will get around to it.

To any of you who have been active in poltics, this will evoke a wry grin.

For every hour spent on political action, at least four are routinely spent “Planning a Project,” “Writing a Statement of Principles,” and all the rest. Most “political movements” begin and end with Planning.

Actual politics is boring and repetitive.

So we have under a hundred people at BUGS who actually DO anything. Meanwhile those who have never been in real action fantasize torchlight parades and campaign rallies where thousands await the Arrival of the Candidate.

I’ve scheduled a lot of Arrivals of the Candidate myself, and they are phonier than any stage play, 99.9% of the marchers in The Torchlight Parade never did a damned thing.

You never read the name of anybody on the pro-white side except Dr. Duke and the Blacks, father and son.

Those who shout loudest about Torchlight Parades are hiding under the tables while we fight it out.

Everybody is always Planning to Do Something.

Meanwhile our Working Page and a couple of voluntary techs is what we DO have.

And those, in real power politics, is an army.



Revolutionary Patience

At the first instant, “revolutionary patience” seems like the ultimate oxymoron.

The next instant the Mantra Mind realized, “So THAT is why so few revolutionaries succeed!”

The revolutionary cannot push history. History has to come to him.  photo revolution_zps7f9ee991.jpg

And history couldn’t care less how loud you are shouting.

One commenter said he was tired of waiting for white people to speak out.

After fifty-five years, I might be getting a tad restless myself.

So one of our pros explained to him, with an example, that we have no idea how things will go and when.

The example given was a future in which we choose our genes. If, in THAT future, any mention of race has become dynamite and Hitlerian, our race is doomed.

If we are still fighting for the right of racial survival, we only have to get far enough to allow racial survival to be an issue to save ourselves.

If the AMPW crowd is all that is left at that point, all their arguments about inferiority will mean nothing. They could not contest it if mixed race children were just the proper genes.

The fact is that white people are hated, not because we claim to be superior, but because everybody BELIEVES we are superior. Whites who hate people hate whites.

What in the end stirs up non-whites is the fact that they can never BE white.

We have no idea how and when our time will come. We have no idea whether it will be peaceful or violent.

So we are telling an uncompromising truth, one that doesn’t involve how macho or Intellectual it makes us FEEL.

And I, for one, am here to STAY.



NO, Damn It!

At the end of comments on the last article two commenters agreed that I  had approved AntiRacist Hitler and had therefore given a go-ahead for BUGS slathering off into part-time White Genocide and part-time trying to be a junior David Duke!

How DARE you?

In the first place, for me the entire emphasis of ARH was on how genocide can be sneaked in on ANYBODY, even on the Jews by Hitler.   It is an attack on the CODING  White Genocide cloaked in Groupspeak I liked .

And  I did NOT approve ARH.  I saw it when it was up, just like you did.

This is what totally confused the SPLC interviewer.

On their  side, you recite the latest Party line.

I am  a coach, not a puppeteer.  I was insulted by the idea that I  had to approve what White Rabbit did.

SPLC thought I was angrily denying we worked together.

To the Politically Correct person, not coordinating Groupthink is totally alien.

Don’t make decisions for ME based on YOUR wishful thinking.








Year Fifteen and You are Doing GREAT!

My Administrator reminds me that will be fifteen years old this August.

I was in Moscow when I got the site. There was already a, so I had to take .org.

WOL was part of the Southern Nationalist website. That was back when I couldn’t even attack the melting pot because the official SNP line was that an independent South would be melting pot with Traditional Values.

When I attacked the Puritans, the Presbyterian theocrats who ran the SNP at the time raised hell.

The point is that it was rough going, and that today’s BUGSERS are more of an improvement than you can probably imagine.

Can you imagine a Mantra Bob having to appeal to an audience like that?

More important, can you imagine how, to me, you are a dream come true?

To imagine those years could be a really excellent exercise for you. It tells you where we are and where we are going. The SNP split and both factions kept my column.
 photo bwalone_zps2e8c11af.png
It was a great step up when I took the site, by far the top site in SNP, and went into the Stormfront audience.

The people we now refer to as AMPW, anti-Mantra Pro-Whites, were a giant relief after the SNP.

Then, as I cleared out the Opposing Views section, those shouting “racist,” with the Mantra, along came a precious few, I think Lord Nelson, who began using the Mantra.

Absolutely no one could understand that white countries, and ONLY white countries, were being targeted. No one wanted to talk about that.


Now the tiny working population of BUGS makes me very happy because they correct each other, after my years of having to correct each of what are now seen as obvious errors.

If you can put yourself in my shoes ten years ago, facing a solid wall of AMPWs, you might see a little of the joy I feel when you actually go out in the field and come back, not to tell us, not The Latest
News on Jews, but on what WORKS to stun anti-whites in the real world.

How many miles we have come from a hundred Southern Nationalists who insisted they were better anti-whites than anybody else to a sophisticated, practicing group fighting White Genocide as pros?