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The Silence and the Fear


One of BUGS biggest accomplishments is our vocabulary development.

“Tailgating” is not just a word, it provides us with a whole way of thinking about discussion.

As more than one commenter has pointed out, Mantra Thinking is a whole education in itself.

When I discuss The Silence, it is not just an abstract or a partisan tongue.    Until you start thinking specifically about The Silence, you are completely unaware of at least half   of what one has to know to have an educated view of information:  the half that is NOT brought up.

Without looking straight at the Silence, half of your intellectual life is not only neglected, but left out of your awareness entirely.

We have a list of these terms that needs updating in, I suppose, “Whitakerisms.”

In fact I can now state flatly that a person who does not have a BUGS vocabulary really has no knowledge about how at least half of our intellectual life is actually governed.

We in BUGS should be especially aware of another term, The Fear.Image Hosted by

It is a truism that one who is developing a vocabulary like this is not yet sure exactly what the terms he is using mean.  As in the development of all intellectual concepts, you have to use it and discuss it to define it.

So I am introducing The Fear as something everybody who discusses anything lives with, but doesn’t identify.   With us, it is specific and constant: What can They do to us for discussing White Genocide under our own names?

One thing a young person must be concerned with is that BUGS will be handled like all dissent is handled on racial issues: BUGS will be labeled a racist group, a Hate Group.  Then someday with a computer will disgorge a list of people  who go on to a blacklist.

For all ages, personal violence is permissible to our enemies.  But in my life I have had only one or two instances of being attacked, and those very, very minor.

Nowadays anyone who does not carry pepper spray is a fool.   That takes care of anything up to a bear or somebody on meth.

The point of this article is, as the journals say, “To bring the terms The Silence and The Fear up to the level of theoretical awareness.”

That’s what a seminar is for!