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An Apology in Advance


Only BUGSERS  can feel what I went through all those years being totally alone with the Mantra.

You can also understand what a joy it is to me to have others doing Mantra Thinking.

To put yourself back into my miserable, lone years, all you need  do is force yourself to try to READ all those pages of standard anti-white comments that followed the SPLC article about us and WR.

There is a problem with your writing interesting stuff, and that is that I READ it.    I will suddenly come up with a criticism, and, worst of all, a totally wrong and out of context criticism.

I take our discussion very seriously, and when I criticize you wrongly, you have a license to set me right, and you don’t have to do it gently.   But please, don’t be so upset about it!Image Hosted by

It is easy to take a stupid remark by Coach as a stab in the back.


Under all these spiritual calluses, I am a very sensitive person.    In fact, one of the psychiatric diagnoses made when I got disability was very interesting.   It is interesting because, yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as being too opposite to a psychopath.

I have that malady and it is called “overly offensive concerns.”   Opposite from a psychopath, a person with “overly offensive concerns”, as the term suggests, feels too much of what the psychopath does not feel at all.   I doubt that I am the only person in BUGS who has this problem.

Also please remember that however I unintentionally offend you, there is only one coach, and if you get only offense from what I say, you are missing a chance to listen while I’m still here.

If my senility or my lack of fiber make me offend you, try to just point it out and see if there’s something else in what I said that is more important.