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Churches Are Half Moral at the Most

There is a constant argument about how much of human behavior is inherited and how much is determined by one’s environment.   Occidental Observer devotes much of its writing to that issue.   But a Mantra Thinker, and ONLY a Mantra Thinker, would begin before that massive debate.

A Mantra Thinker will not jump into the argument, but will give a lot of thought to the question itself, to the IMPLICATIONS of the argument itself.

For example, if the only reasonable question is HOW MUCH of us is determined by heredity or environment, why is it that all the churches have no morality whatsoever when it comes to heredity?

The Catholic Church has billions of words devoted to behavior, but what about genetics?

Well, it does ban incest.  But that’s IT!

Please remember that I am not talking here about  SEXUAL morality.  I am discussing GENETIC morality.Image Hosted by

Example: a black man marries a blond woman because he sees her blondness as beautiful, a judgment which is shouted out by every statistic we have on beauty products.   In marrying her, the black man is openly and consciously  destroying blondness.

Exactly this same thinking, on any issue outside of genetics, would be a sin.

But the Church says it is not only moral, it is GREAT.

The Church’s only genetic morality is against incest, a level of evolution already reached by meerkats.

Should morons produce children?

That would depend heavily on whether their feeble mindedness is genetic.

But the Church?   It will dictate freely about behavior in your bedroom, but has no opinion on genetics.

But the big issue is, should only people who have no concern about their children’s future be the ones to have offsrping.

That is the reality, countries that are too dumb for birth control have the kids.

But the outfit that calls itself a Church, of whatever denomination, has no opinion on THESE moral issues at all.