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A Sense of Humor is a Sense of Proportion


A professional in politics sees a LOT of surveys.  I remember one consistent theme that appealed to my lonely sense of humor.

Women were asked about qualities they wanted in their children.

“Do you want your child to be beautiful?     Despite the already deep drenching in Political Correctness, eighty or ninety percent answered “Yes.”

But in another part of the survey the girls DID remember their Political Correctness Training.   So when the question was, “How would your ideal husband look?”  at least eighty percent gave the answer expected of them:

“It doesn’t make any difference.”Image Hosted by

As I say, each version of this appealed to my very lonely sense of humor.

I only argued before an audience, and one time I was in a hair salon or whatever they call it and a Politically Correct female I knew had her head in one of those huge machines.  There were other women there, including my wife.   Please do not ask me why that woman had her head in a machine which was making no noise.  I can barely comb my own hair

But for my own LONELY sense of humor, I was began talking to her about intermarriage.    I guided her around to saying, “Looks don’t matter.”

I did it to pass time, but I had no hope that anybody in the room would understand the irony of a woman spending thousands of dollars in  a beauty shop repeating  the Required Line that anyone who is not anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews must repeat, that “looks don’t matter.”

Nobody came near to getting it.    I actually gave it a minute, for “Looks don’t matter” to get across in a fairly expensive beauty shop.    I could have waited until the next  Ice Age and nobody would have gotten it.

Having a consistent moral code and a sense of humor is a LONELY business.

So, while intellectual pro-whites are arguing about HOW MUCH of children’s’ futures are determined by their genes, it would not in a million years occur to them to demand that moralists, including churches, have any morality about genetics.

Not sex, GENETICS.