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Reparations, NOT “Tribunals”

One of the constant sources of pain in Mantra Thinking is the automatic responses one has to sit through so many hundreds of times.    One example is the regularly recurring objection to a policy of financial reparations for anti-whites.


The response one gets to this from newbies is a chest-beating, tear-jerking declaration of how anti-whites deserve death, and newbie will pursue them all to his dying breath.
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Bullshit.   Once the novelty goes away you’ll do what everybody does:


Heirs to the way over half of our national wealth which can be connected directly to racial treason will be in the same position WE are:   We suddenly find all the big money that they got directed at destroying our race.    THAT is unfair to US.

Those who have money. or are heirs to those who do, have not the slightest right to claim unfairness when they are disinherited.

They have no more RIGHT to be heirs to the money than they have to be heirs to the crime.

I deal in human nature.   As long as going back over history  can yield a piece of that titanic pie, no one will forget white genocide.

As soon as I said this, Asgardian said he was getting off his “tribunals” high horse.

But in fact I shouldn’t have to say this.   YOU should.

Reparations will yield lots of money, but that is a happy accident.   It is effective and keeps down the neo-Nazi Tribunal stuff.

The sentence above is the POINT.