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Where Were All the Yankees?

When Lee surrendered, there were about 25,000 men with him while the Union forces numbered a guesstimate of 150,000.

When I was coming up it was generally assumed that Confederates were outnumbered three to one. Three to one was also at that time the relative strength an army had to have on site to go on the attack.

The total number of men who served in the Confederate Army is pretty well established to have been around 600,000. The comparable number in the Union Army, total men serving, is even better established on the records as 2,200,000.

It was very well established that the Southerners were better soldiers. Even Yankee diaries said so.Image Hosted by

In 1957 the TV series, The Grey Ghost, about Confederate Colonel Mosby, was cancelled because of Little Rock. As Jason keeps noting from his watching of reruns, there was a national media attack on whites in general and Southerners in particular.

Sometimes a TV character who had no accent would be exposed as the villain, and he would start talking in a Southern accent!

And each year, just as the number of Jews killed by Nazis edged steadily upward, the ratio of Union to Confederate troops in each battle went down. Historical estimates say now that the two sides were just about equal in each battle.

While I am still allowed to ask this question without a mandatory prison term, let me ask it:
Where did all those Yankees go? On the record, Union soldiers outnumbered Confederates well over three to one, 2.2 million to 600,000. But from official historical figures, two thirds of those Union troops went totally unused.

Where were the other one and a half million Yankees?

It is time we handled this the Progressive Way: We need a law to jail anybody who asks that question.
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