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Why is This Information NOT Produced?


If you are a Mantra Thinker, you can look up the word “starvation” and learn a very subtle truth.

The surface truth is impressive enough: that in the Evil White Man’s World, for the first time in human history,  you cannot find a single instance  of a single person outside the PDRK who has starved.Image Hosted by

No one outside BUGS will ever mention this.   If they did, our training tells us that they would then Denounce The Liars.

If you exhibit that knee-jerk, I am very disappointed and sigh deeply.

Pay attention to what you are there for.   The point is not for you to have a fun News and Jews moment, but to LEARN something.     There are endless pages under “starvation.”    Almost every one of them says starvation is a form of hunger and here is where hunger is.

Every earlier generation could have told you, first hand, that starvation is not “a form of hunger.”

Read carefully and you will see why the subject has changed to Hunger.   Endless numbers of fund-raisers and Mommy Professors claim to address hunger.

There is not a dime or a Mommy Professor cause that gets a nickel out of the absence of starvation.

So there is absolutely NO mention of the fact that for the first time in history, not one person starves.

Why is this information NOT produced?

Because there is no REASON to produce it.   Therefore, it is not produced.   The people who denounce the Jews for not mentioning it don’t mention it either.

There are no Jews in it.

Why is THEIR information produced?

If it doesn’t bring in Jews or illuminati or whatever else they want to talk about, everybody ignores the lack of starvation.