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Feel Around You, Your Holiness!

Once, in the middle of a football game I will never forget, I did something especially stupid, even for me.   My coach yelled out, for all to hear, “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed!”Image Hosted by

This incident came back to me when I read a quote from the Pope, described as “very brave” by the press, about homosexuals.  In response to a question, he said, “Who am I to judge them?”

Well, for one thing, you’re the frigging POPE!

To the 1,200,000,000 people who are at least nominally members of the Catholic Church, you and those you select are the ultimate and final judges.   When you say Papal Masses, you have above you in huge letters the charge Jesus gave to Peter, and, you claim, through Peter to you:  That you have the power to make things sinful or forgive them, and that the Gates of Hell will not stand against that power.

This may be true.  This may be false.

But what it is NOT is subtle.