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Jason, Turnabout is the ONLY Way to Play


In the Working Thread, Jason says:

An episode of Dragnet pushing Anti-Whitism almost 50 years ago. Sgt Friday was protecting from those Nazis … i.e. those who oppose school integration.



Jason, I remember that episode.  As I said, we didn’t have a hell of a lot to do in the sand hills.Image Hosted by

Bonanza had an episode that wasn’t broadcast down South where they railed against the law in Nevada in the Old West Days that prevented their cook Hop Sing from marrying a fair haired girl.

This Message Movie and propaganda crap, fifty years later, is VERY important.  It demonstrates that there are NO LIMITS to where you put in the Mantra and the Minis.

Anti-whites have NEVER let any watcher’s right to enjoy entertainment or private discussion to get in the way of shoving their message down our throats.

Anyone who complains about your putting our message absolutely anywhere has no right whatsoever to do so.  And you have no right to respect any such complaint.

The FCC has required every broadcast license  for some eighty years to include “Public Service Ads” free for hours each week.   A “public service ad” can and does include straight anti-white propaganda.

As Rowan Atkins said in attacking Britain’s Hate Speech Laws, “Please offend me.”

Let the AMPWs and other losers be inoffensive.

Saving our race is more important than being respectable, and that’s the way anti-whites beat these losers in the first place.