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Changing Memories Fascinate Me

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My experience came from a time leading up to the Reagan Administration, so it is often wildly out of date.

Someone commented that, considering how long it had been since I was active, I was able to predict things far better than those who are up to the minute.

I repeat a lot, being a propagandist, so I repeat my answer to this comment often:

If you are predicting the future, you must not be bogged down in the present.

The media, the internet and your next door neighbor will provide you with the Latest News and What It Means.

Every day is packed with articles and talk about What Just Happened and What It Means.

My unique contribution is that I chug along, blissfully unaware of what is in today’s headlines.

The simple fact that being obsessed with what happened today is a guarantee you have no idea about the next generation.

But this leaves me by what I was raised with and what is alien to you.

For instance,when I was coming up, and in every generation before me, when you didn’t finish your food, Mommy would say, “There are starving children in China and India who would love to have what you are just throwing away.”

This was as routine a statement as the  old guy declaring, “When I was young, I had to Walk TEN MILES  in the snow to get to school.”   I use that line on young people in the elevators today.  Invariably, all of them know about it and add interesting lines like “…uphill both ways.”

Children WERE starving when I was young and when everybody else was young since the first  people. 

Until now.Image Hosted by

And I keep pointing out that that is a piece of news no one is aware of, or at least never mentions, but me.   They are busy with the Latest  News.

So I do wonder what Mommy, the real one not the Professor, says now when food is left on the plate.

The fact that Mother specifically mentioned India and China reflects a reality that was embedded in my youth: People starved in Asia, people had ALWAYS starved in Asia.

When Adam Smith published “Wealth of Nations” back in 1776, whole families starved to death in Europe,  But even then, Smith brought up China and India desperately poor by the European standards even of his day.  He even discussed the fact that while thousands were starving in China, India was even worse.

Commentary on these facts completely destroy everyone else’s ability to put it into perspective.    Even if they read this, anti-whites will start yelling about how children are not starving but they are still hungry.

And pro-whites, even BUGSERS, are about as bad:

“See? This just proved we are DOOMED!  This is NOT good news, Bob!”

I didn’t say it was.  These are more facts that need to be put in perspective about how the future looks, and you can’t have perspective while your knees are jerking.



Public Secrets

One of my favorite movie lines comes from “Arsenic and Old Lace,” where the hero is trying to get his crazy brother, who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, to sign his own commitment papers.  First he tells Teddy that he needs to sign it because it is a Presidential Proclamation.

Then he asks Teddy not to tell his sisters about it because it is Top Secret.

Teddy accepts this and says,

“A secret proclamation.

“How unusual!”

Here at BUGS we wear our butts out trying to find the EXACT meme to describe things, to bring them front and center.   In theoretical terms it is called, “Bringing a subject to theoretical attention.”

That is what Newton did with gravity.  Gravity was certainly no secret, but Newton put it front and center and analyzed all its implications.Image Hosted by

Everybody knew about gravity, just as everyone knows about White Genocide.

Terminology is one of our specialties,  so I suggest that the name for this might be Public Secrets.

It might just wow ’em if they ask you what you mean by “anti-white” if you replied, “Oh, that’s a Public Secret.  All this immigration and diversity is just aimed at getting rid of white people.”

They will seldom ask you about your term “anti-white,” but this double whammy might take care of it if they do.

Almost by definition, a Public Secret is taken apart simply by one’s insistently MENTIONING it.

I notice effects we have that other who haven’t done this all their lives would not.

One thing I have seen has been the increase of stating Public Secrets by more and more people.   O’Reilly’s talk about how the press simply lies about Black on White crime is going out where respectables almost never went out before.

Many are beginning to discover that stating what we all knew is becoming more and more popular.  Like Huey Long, O’Reilly is smart enough to run out in front of the direction the crowd is beginning to wander into and be the Leader.