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Feel Around You, Your Holiness!

Once, in the middle of a football game I will never forget, I did something especially stupid, even for me.   My coach yelled out, for all to hear, “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed!”Image Hosted by

This incident came back to me when I read a quote from the Pope, described as “very brave” by the press, about homosexuals.  In response to a question, he said, “Who am I to judge them?”

Well, for one thing, you’re the frigging POPE!

To the 1,200,000,000 people who are at least nominally members of the Catholic Church, you and those you select are the ultimate and final judges.   When you say Papal Masses, you have above you in huge letters the charge Jesus gave to Peter, and, you claim, through Peter to you:  That you have the power to make things sinful or forgive them, and that the Gates of Hell will not stand against that power.

This may be true.  This may be false.

But what it is NOT is subtle.



Your Mind is Our Weapon


This article could have been a repeat of most of the comments on the last piece. I strongly recommend you go back and read them carefully.

They reflect the kind of thinking I did in Washington. It worked. It worked miraculously. But it was so basic and simple, exactly like the kind of thinking that went into the whole Mantra approach, that it approached the miraculous in results.Image Hosted by

Each comment shows a person deciding what HE (she, or it, if you want Political Correctness) does right now. It is hard, practical talk.

Those of you who are now pros will understand what I mean. But it is very important for it to be noted specifically.

Here, in the real world, the reason I could exercise so much power with so few resources was as basic as Newton’s gravity. If you were allowed onto Capitol Hill staff, you would be devastating, and you would find it as impossible as I did to explain WHY.

For example, I got the distinct impression that the biggest thing people did at the Centers of Power was to have lunch. You work for the person, someone who had lunch with him regularly, recommended you to.

The famous Laffer Curve, which we all non-Mommy Professors knew about for many years, was sketched out by Laffer for Kemp on a napkin at lunch.

Odd as it sounds, one thing that may have turned so many people off of me was the fact that I didn’t lunch. I almost never attended those big lunches where the conservatives gathered. It was great for contacts, but no thinking was done.

Congressmen, especially senior ones, routinely had an AA, Administrative Assistant or Head of Staff, and some LAs, Legislative Assistants. John Ashbrook’s AA left and was not replaced after I got there. He also did not replace his LA.

My salary was paid by the Committee. Not many AAs wanted me in their office after John died.

I could handle a concern John had in a few minutes which others could talk to death, bragging about how much time they spent “talking to the congressman.” To someone who thinks the way I though and the way you have learned to think, the time with your representative is exactly what you are there to MINIMIZE.

People ask me if I talked to Reagan.

No way. What was needed, I supplied. I remade his whole first presidential campaign with one short statement to Bill Rusher. But if I had been using up the President’s time face-to-face, I would have been a nervous wreck during that time.

This is the way YOU now think, but it is so natural to you that you have no idea how powerful a thing it is.
Most of you have an idea how powerful this kind of THINKING is. You underestimate it grossly.

In fact, if you want to see that power, one of the commenters on the last article suggested you look up the term “anti-white” on a search engine!

I have unleashed something on the world that is better than the world deserves and more powerful than most of you, much less the AMPWs, can imagine.



Asgardian’s Question



“Anyone else find it difficult to transition from an argumentative/dissident role to a cooperative/leadership role? That’s a bad way to phrase it but what I mean is, getting into debates with anti-Whites is one thing. Dealing with Normal Whites who are slowllllyyyy becoming pro-White is another.”

“Or so it seems to me. Are the people who spark social change the same ones who go on to lead after the change?”


Huey Long was asked what Political Leadership is, and he gave a frank and accurate reply:Image Hosted by

“You find out the direction everybody is going and you run out front.”

This is where Mantra Thinking comes in.  Instead of using Long’s quote to look smart and yell about what fakes politicians are, I THOUGHT about this statement.  While others were Looking Smart, I was thinking.

What did Long’s statement and the reality it reflected mean to a young man who was hungry for POWER instead of public office?

To others Long’s statement was a confirmation of their own opinion of politicians, insincere and all that crap.

To me, it meant that politicians give up real power to be Leaders.   What mattered to me was not who walked in front but why the crowd was marching in that direction in the first place.


Sam Adams exercised POWER.  He was almost forgotten as his cousin rose to the presidency.

Thomas Paine made the Revolution in POWER terms.  Washington came as a Name and took over.

A sane person wants to be Presidents Washington and Adams.   I decided to be Thomas Paine and Sam Adams.

Asgardian’s question is right on target for BUGS.  We are making the underlying revolution.

But sometimes the underlying revolution involves questions so hot that the Names cannot take them up.   That’s when you get upstarts like Lenin and Hitler taking power themselves.

Russia and Germany would have been lottery lucky if there had been a group like BUGS instead of Hitler or Lenin.
BUGS makes this both our argument and our program. As our memes take root, you can FEEL the white resentment growing. As an argument,  we warn anti-whites that, if no one is allowed to object to white genocide, this sentiment can explode under them.

All those people they silenced by screaming Nazi can end up just that. That is our argument.

Now, let remember that the reason Mantra arguments WORK is because they are simply TRUE.If no Name wants the leadership, Ole Bob knows how to take the lead, and he got paid by leaders to do just that.

I do not want to interrupt what we are doing now to theorize about the future.   That seems to be about all people outside BUGS ever do.   If you read me carefully, you will find yourself surprising yourself by knowing what to do next. If you have been inside as I have, what impresses you is how practical our discussions have become.

Your approach NOW would make pros in DC.



From Backbaygrouch

Yesterday tomorrow visited America.

On a languorous summer day in Duncan, Oklahoma, three bored teenagers decided they want to see someone die. Three Black thugs picked out a White boy, pulled a car up behind him and shot him dead. Already many in the media are drawing the conclusion that America needs tougher gun controls.

As for the ‘hate crime’ aspect of the story, nothing to see folks, move along.

Christopher Lane was a handsome youth playing baseball on scholarship at East Central University when he was gunned down far from his Melbourne Australia home. He thought he had come to America, but America is South Africa now. White Genocide has entered a new stage.

A White lad is senselessly murdered and the issue is gun control.

The Black thugs have confessed. They are James Edwards, 15; Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17. They are the unwitting agents of the hostile elite that is promoting the Genocide by assimilation and by murder of the White race. We are to be cowed and made submissive.

This promising young man died and we are to believe it is an unfortunate by product of the Second Amendment. Or so the media is trumpeting. Their premise that a White life is meaningless. Chris Lane had no arrest record. never possessed burglar’s tools and was not suspended from school. Chris Lane was no Trayvon Martin.

This brutal slaying, reaching across the Pacific, touches two White countries. No White country is safe. No White person is safe. Only White countries are expected to react to interracial murders as  a story about government regulations.Image Hosted by

The demeaning of White life permeates the initial news coverage of this story. Fight back. It has gone viral. Go to Google News and post the MANTRA in the comment section of every one of the hundreds of stories this crime is spawning.

Change the subject. A White life is not a matter the paperwork involved in purchasing a gun, it is about the survival of the White Race. This Aussie kid, maturing and excelling in the United States, is a precursor of your fate – White Genocide.

Change the subject. Post the MANTRA. It is best insurance policy on the market to assure your children, White children, have a future.



Why is This Information NOT Produced?


If you are a Mantra Thinker, you can look up the word “starvation” and learn a very subtle truth.

The surface truth is impressive enough: that in the Evil White Man’s World, for the first time in human history,  you cannot find a single instance  of a single person outside the PDRK who has starved.Image Hosted by

No one outside BUGS will ever mention this.   If they did, our training tells us that they would then Denounce The Liars.

If you exhibit that knee-jerk, I am very disappointed and sigh deeply.

Pay attention to what you are there for.   The point is not for you to have a fun News and Jews moment, but to LEARN something.     There are endless pages under “starvation.”    Almost every one of them says starvation is a form of hunger and here is where hunger is.

Every earlier generation could have told you, first hand, that starvation is not “a form of hunger.”

Read carefully and you will see why the subject has changed to Hunger.   Endless numbers of fund-raisers and Mommy Professors claim to address hunger.

There is not a dime or a Mommy Professor cause that gets a nickel out of the absence of starvation.

So there is absolutely NO mention of the fact that for the first time in history, not one person starves.

Why is this information NOT produced?

Because there is no REASON to produce it.   Therefore, it is not produced.   The people who denounce the Jews for not mentioning it don’t mention it either.

There are no Jews in it.

Why is THEIR information produced?

If it doesn’t bring in Jews or illuminati or whatever else they want to talk about, everybody ignores the lack of starvation.