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Nazis and Klansmen and Lions and Tigers and Bears!

No one should move from the Mantra until he has EXPERIENCE.

And then the danger is that a person will decide he is so experienced he ends up goofing all over the place lines he has made up and sound good.

Being a BUGSER asks a lot of a person, they must carefully move out a bit if they find they can do it, but they have to do it very carefully and every observantly.

This is hard.

This is RARE.

There will never be a lot of real BUGSERS.

All this having been said, ONCE AGAIN, there is another meme that is dying to get out.

Most of us have no use for any kind of dictatorship and we know the consequences of membership in pro-white organizations.   The difference is that when we know something, we don’t settle for it. Image Hosted by

Back when the left was subject to this kind of Terror, they kept pointing out that if anybody who talked about income distribution was called a Red, then eventually the Reds would take over all dissent.

If they keep screaming Nazi and Klan at anybody who opposes them, then the white race will fade away silently, or you will end up creating a new Taliban, where all those who don’t want the white race to disappear are finally convinced that terror and swastikas are not only permissible, but are all they can do.

As the liberals said, deal with the reasonable people while we’re still here!

Try it, put it to them. Learn how to handle it.



“Don’t Mention Me to Iglis Pop”

No, I have no idea who Iglis Pop might be.

But I get a few, a very few, reports from BUGSERS who are doing things.  Then they tell me that so and so said something.

And for me not to mention it to whoeverthehell they’re talking about.

That’s the safest bet you ever made.   Not only will I not mention it, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it makes you feel good to vent to me, I’m here for you.

I am NOT making fun of you.  It is just that my only focus, honed for some sixty years, is how we are affecting opinion that rules the world.   It happens that I am the only expert on earth on exactly how affecting that opinion works.Image Hosted by

After all those years in the wilderness, you cannot easily imagine what a glory it is for me to hear your debating over how to use the Mantra, what BUGS should allow, and so forth.

I GLORY in it, like a man who has been deaf cannot get over the simple fact that he can HEAR music.

The last thing Ole Bob is is a cynical old expert who is looking down on all this mere babble of yours.

No way, Jose.  No one knows more clearly than I do that you are the only important people on this planet today.

But after all those years of Silence, let me revel in the glorious feeling that you are HERE, that you are burning the torch I spent so many years trying to light.

My take is that you are so into it, so busy talking about each other that you cannot take a deep breath, step back, and empathize with me about finally having an “each other” to talk about!

I was at sea in that lonely lifeboat for a long, long time.

Let me glory in the fact that your ship has found me.



I Don’t NEED Idiots!

I keep getting frantic communications about how some anti-white is leading you astray.

I have noticed commentary on my articles has practically died out.

From the first hysterical warning, I have ignored it.

In the REAL world, not in a theoretical world you might say I was living in, damned few people who view BUGS are going to make the slightest difference.

Horus shot for three hundred real BUGSERS. His guess was as good as mine, but I was not disappointed when we found maybe eighty.

In the real world, most people don’t matter at all. In fact, in the Facebook world where less than a million is failure, I see fifty or eighty as a major victory.

But, Bob, what about all the rest?

The rest, in their hundreds or in their thousands, are harmless morons.

To people who send me these frantic warnings, those who are not only openly pro-white, but who choose the Mantra over respectability are rare and wonderful people.

So far, perfectly correct. I respect them, I love them for their fidelity.

They are wonderful people.

But they don’t MATTER.Image Hosted by

Arguing with an anti-white or a Hadding AMPW is FUN. One commenter said that he could enjoy debating with Hadding all day long.

That to an oldie like me, is a dead giveaway.

There is a point early in the debate when I know that you are enjoying the give and take. You love the feeling of being right, of winning, of putting that guy in his place.

Meanwhile, the old man has you pegged:

You are a useless moron anti-whites can trap like the mindless animal you are.

Don’t feel insulted. You are infinitely better than the Europeans and Canadians and SFers who are beneath you.

It is just that, while you are at a very high level in my estimation, you still don’t matter in the the real world of power politics.

Arguing with some anti-white or AMPW is FUN.

Jamming the Mantra down the throats of someone who went to a site to talk about Sponge Bob is NOT fun. But that is what the real war is absolutely, repeat ABSOLUTELY, all about.

Those who do the WORK matter. Those who spend their effort on some phantom anti-white here will go “Duhh!” and drool and follow some other anti-white elsewhere.

This is WAY over half a century of experience talking.

Anybody who is following some anti-white is not worth what I consider my precious time.

Or the precious time of the vanishingly few of us who matter.




The One Thing That is Hard to Explain in Detail is Brevity

It was routine for respectable conservatives and especially libertarians to denounce enforcement of immigration restrictions at the Mexican border as “just like the Berlin Wall.”

I embarrassed an entire editorial staff by saying that there must be no difference between inside or outside the DC Jail, because you could get shot breaking in or breaking out.Image Hosted by

Do not fool yourself by saying, “There is no answer to that.”

It can be answered, as mine was, by simply refusing to allow it to be repeated.

And it is answered the moment you allow the other person to say ANYTHING before he admits he was WRONG and SILLY.

Every AMPW can tell us how he “handled a question.”   He looked GOOD, and that is all he cares about.

No AMPW has ever told us what happened AFTER he gave his answer.

We all KNOW what happened, the flow and counterflow of horse hockey continued.

We all know that the only answer anti-whites have is to silence us or change the subject.

Those tactics ARE answers if you allow them to be.





I Have a Major Advantage Over You When It Comes to Keeping Going

In 1976, right after my first book was published, a well-financed group well out of the league of George Lincoln Rockwell’s little group, (he was murdered while doing his own laundry), called to ask me politely if they could use the version of “populism” in my just-published book.

I told them, no, I appreciated their asking first, but, with the help of the publisher of National Review who wrote the Foreword, I hoped to make this strategy mainline and actually bring down the USSR.

Yes, all that happened in one fairly routine phone call!

And, yes, we DID bring down the whole Soviet Empire!

The first formal announcement of the Southern Nationalist Movement was at a Philadelphia Society meeting.  It was announced that the agenda was secret and would take place in a separate room apart from the Society.   Society leaders were not informed what it was.

Two brothers introduced the Southern Nationalist Movement at that (SEPARATE) meeting.

Both brothers, it turns out, were thrilled to meet me and had read my book.    They really had.  They thought I was a hero.Image Hosted by

Like about everyone else who leads off as admiring my wisdom, they were soon off on their own.

James Edwards doesn’t know it, but his use of the term “populist” comes straight from my book.   He had me on for his first interview and then once more when his listeners demanded it eight years later.

Among many other examples I could point out again that one of my, as usual, simple concepts changed the 1980 Reagan campaign into a runaway winner.    Rusher gave it to him, and my name was probably not mentioned.

I bring all this up because you are on this particular ride with me.   Now that you have dealt with this for a little while, a lot of BUGSERS have asked how I managed to keep at the Mantra concept for about twenty years now, against the MADDENING inability of anybody to “get it.”

That is the reason I keep reminding you, and frankly ME, of the success of so many of my concepts on a national and world scale.   That is one advantage you do NOT have.

In my case, this is not faith, it is experience.