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Yet Another Working Thread

Jason says,

That thread by British Bug, THE BUGS BUDDY by Gar5 and a previous thread, I believe by Scythian have increased my productivity a ton.

If you aren’t using the Bugs Buddy, PLEASE start.



Kindness versus Loyalty

Once again, it is important to us that Dante’s Tenth and worst Circle of Hell, the ice, was reserved for Traitors.  What is even more telling is that no one seemed to have questioned this.

Even heretics, disloyal to the churches, suffered kindlier fates than did the Traitors in the Tenth Circle. Image Hosted by

Yet Christianity demanded kindness to all men.   Most of the lesser nine Circles of Hell contained souls that had been unkind by stealing, killing , refusing charity, and violating God’s rules and regulations.

In other words unkindness and treason were totally different categories.

The Tenth Circle makes it abundantly clear that while a person owes kindness to all, he owes loyalty only to his own.

Wordism says that we owe no one loyalty.  Loyalty is for words and institutions.

Through the Wordist’s words, a person brings kindness to all men.

And kindness is not limited to men.  Most of us feel that kindness is owed equally to every feeling being, so if Wordism is right, PETA is right.

Nature is what makes us cringe when a black marries a blonde.   Nature is loyalty to those who look like us.