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Kindness vs. Loyalty Again, Please THINK ABOUT This Version!


One thing everybody even remotely familiar with BUGS knows about is the long, long, long, still running campaign to get even the best people to recognize the potential of the Mantra and how hard it is to make the minis and  how that can only be done in action.

The difference between kindness and loyalty is the same kind of revelation as the Mantra was!   And, tragically, the BUGS Seminar treated it the same way Stormfront did.

So what did I get for it in comments.  One person noticed it was a good distinction, the rest just gave me some Stormfront speeches about Racial Loyalty.

I am keeping you after class for this one.Image Hosted by

Kindness versus Loyalty means that we will no longer spend our time denying Nazism.   Instead we will jam this question down their throats, a question a million miles from any form of totalitarianism or violence:    Being kind and loyalty to others is a virtue, but loyalty to All Mankind is an oxymoron or there is no such thing as loyalty.

But is kindness exactly the same thing as loyalty?

The Dante example here puts it on a higher plane.

Not one of the people I thought were actually awake in class got ANYTHING out of this!


More of the same kind of sloppy thinking:

One person in the “work thread” reported a reply, which he laughed at:

“Just when I thought this (Mantra) crap was over, I see this.”

Our worker inserted that as a joke.

It is nothing of the sort to me.

Your reaction to Kindness versus Loyalty and that endless thing about compost when I once again pointed to the end of starvation shows you are getting really SLOW.   A giggling report that someone thought we were dying out is the kind of thing sub-amateurs do. it is not a joke.

If you are off the subject, I can go over and amuse myself talking about any subject, I can go over to “Bob’s Meanderings.”